Top 10 Commercial Judgments

Below is a list of Commercial Judgments Loaded in the last 14 days.

Company NameAmountJudgment DateIndustry
1.Atlas Print And Packaging Limited€76,39211/08/2017Manufacturing
2.Pah Pro Asset Holdings Limited€58,99004/08/2017Legal and Other Business Activities
3.Millers Hardware Limited€22,59202/08/2017Unknown
4.On The Spot Therapy Services Limited€18,58410/08/2017Health
5.Jm Environmental Drains Limited€17,59802/08/2017Legal and Other Business Activities
6.T/As Golden Dragon€16,09709/08/2017Unknown
7.Lanscreen Limited€14,03801/08/2017Legal and Other Business Activities
8.Capel Business Centre Limited€12,61111/08/2017Legal and Other Business Activities
9.Dsc Import Company Limited€12,24909/08/2017Unknown
10.Yd Flowers Limited€8,92908/08/2017Trade and Retail
For the total value of €0.26M
Top 10 Consumer Judgments

Below is a list of Consumer Judgments Loaded in the last 14 days.

Consumer NameAmountJudgment Date
1.Mary Hale, John Hale€1,903,54810/08/2017
2.Carl Moore, Alice Moore€1,619,84204/08/2017
3.Olive Smyth, Kenneth Smyth€1,093,82902/08/2017
4.James Weldon, Eleanor Byrne€284,62304/08/2017
5.Joseph Kelly€145,46009/08/2017
6.Patrick Hanley€82,87204/08/2017
7.Olive Mealiffe, Gerard Mealiffe€67,98302/08/2017
8.Tony Lynch€65,00810/08/2017
9.John Fitzgerald€61,98903/08/2017
10.Brendan Buckley€60,49408/08/2017
For the total value of €5.39M

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