Top 10 Commercial Judgments

Below is a list of Commercial Judgments Loaded in the last 14 days.

Company NameAmountJudgment DateIndustry
1.Eye Catch Security Limited€226,03914/06/2017Legal and Other Business Activities
2.Urban Cherry Limited€61,80012/06/2017Trade and Retail
3.Adcor Consultancy Limited€45,43512/06/2017Legal and Other Business Activities
4.Glenmak Couriers Limited€35,98406/06/2017Community Service
5.Kells Stores Limited€21,83415/06/2017Legal and Other Business Activities
6.T/As Carna Bay Hotel, T/As Carna Bay Hotel€21,23809/06/2017Unknown
7.Circle Films Limited€15,64006/06/2017Community Service
8.Heng Tai Trading Limited€10,84414/06/2017Hospitality
9.Leepsun Limited€9,97008/06/2017Legal and Other Business Activities
10.T/As Cc Building And Maintenance€9,84816/06/2017Unknown
For the total value of €0.46M
Top 10 Consumer Judgments

Below is a list of Consumer Judgments Loaded in the last 14 days.

Consumer NameAmountJudgment Date
1.Canice Hanley€4,828,41006/06/2017
2.Michael O'Reilly€1,497,88915/06/2017
3.Michael Scanlon, Kathleen Scanlon€966,74708/06/2017
4.Patrick Daly€853,84914/06/2017
5.Edward Hick€737,19412/06/2017
6.Ronan Power€583,28413/06/2017
7.David Coulson€485,35214/06/2017
8.Austin Woods€473,28215/06/2017
9.Frank Mcgovern€124,84013/06/2017
10.Brian Sheehan€62,39019/06/2017
For the total value of €10.61M

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