Top 10 Commercial Judgments

Below is a list of Commercial Judgments Loaded in the last 14 days.

Company NameAmountJudgment DateIndustry
1.Bennett Mccleary Architects Limited€13,67104/07/2017Legal and Other Business Activities
2.T/As Eureka Deliveries€5,47806/07/2017Unknown
3.Eirgreen Consultants Limited€5,16607/07/2017Computers
4.Mtt Construction Limited€4,95417/07/2017Construction
5.Haulmac Transport Limited€4,10511/07/2017Transport
6.T/As Pk Electrical Solutions€3,83013/07/2017Unknown
7.Starline Marketing Limited€3,14117/07/2017Trade and Retail
8.T/As Attis Motors€2,81004/07/2017Unknown
9.S M T Consultants Limited€2,65407/07/2017Legal and Other Business Activities
10.T/As Flowers By Breda€2,56314/07/2017Unknown
For the total value of €0.05M
Top 10 Consumer Judgments

Below is a list of Consumer Judgments Loaded in the last 14 days.

Consumer NameAmountJudgment Date
1.John Quinn, John Lyons€3,182,36705/07/2017
2.Stephen Matthews, Miriam Mcgovern€453,12413/07/2017
3.Mary Kelly, James Kelly€367,28305/07/2017
4.Pauline Cullen, Michael Cullen€293,72605/07/2017
5.Paul Eiffe€293,52010/07/2017
6.Edward Walsh€194,60706/07/2017
7.Liam Kilcullen€117,69714/07/2017
8.Daniel Purcell€99,16706/07/2017
9.Sharon Keogan, Seamus O'Neill€85,28917/07/2017
10.Mark Coughlan€80,87412/07/2017
For the total value of €5.17M

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