Business Set Ups

Below is a list of new Business Set Ups.

Business Name Partial Address Industry

26th of June, 2017

AA Logistics Co. Tipperary, E21 Kw65 Unknown
Amanda's Beauty Suite Co. Donegal Unknown
Armstrong Agri Repairs Co. Cavan, H14 Fd79 Unknown
Best of Peru Travel Co. Dublin Unknown
C.M. Taxi Rentals Co. Dublin Unknown
Citizen Development Co. Meath A92 Pn24 Unknown
Colouring Department Co. Roscommon Unknown
Digital Cork Cork T12 N8yk Unknown
Dimity Cork Unknown
Fehily Chemists Wexford, Y35 E6pv Unknown
Gemini Consulting Dublin 18 Unknown
Glencullen Transport Co. Dublin Unknown
John Horgan & Co Co. Cork T45 Yw50 Unknown
Kevin O Regan Enterprises (Kore ) Co. Tipperary Unknown
Latin Quarter Interiors Co Wicklow Unknown
Lily Estetic Dublin 7 Unknown
Little Cat Moe Cork Unknown
Max Building Services Co. Kildare W12 R205 Unknown
Millennium Floors Dublin 11 Unknown
Mini World Co. Sligo Unknown
Mrad Co. Galway Unknown
One Stop Party Shop Co. Galway H65 Xd70 Unknown
Panacea Natural Medicine & Wellness Clinic Co. Dublin Unknown
Pancake Parlour Co Wicklow Unknown
Physically Positive Dublin 8 Unknown
Prime Mobile Longford Unknown
Prospero Co. Limerick Unknown
Salucorp Ireland Co. Dublin Unknown
Scent of Tora Cork, T12 X3d9 Unknown
Sew Irish Co. Clare, V95 Xt28 Unknown
Siesouth Irish Exports Co. Wexford Unknown
Silver Scissors Bansha Co Tipperary Unknown
Tarbh Design Co. Monaghan Unknown
Thefaabblanket Carlow, R93 X0y6 Unknown
Trust Films Dublin 9 Unknown
Venturi Cork, T12 C5xk Unknown
Victory Services Co. Dublin, K78 N120 Unknown
Visuforce Dublin 2 Unknown
Welcome Home Co. Tipperary Unknown

23rd of June, 2017

Clare Island Whiskey Co. Mayo Unknown
Cormac Nugent Fitness Co. Kildare Unknown
Himaths Co. Offaly Unknown
Hopalong Films Dublin Unknown
J Forde Agencies Co Cork Unknown
Reconnect Physical Therapy Dublin 7 Unknown
Roofing Solutions Co Kildare Construction
The Butcher's Steakhouse Co. Dublin Unknown

22nd of June, 2017

A C Carpentry & Building Services Co. Cork Unknown
A Lavish Affair Co. Cork P25 Yx31 Unknown
Ace Accounting County Tipperary Unknown
Agar Commercial Property Consultants Dublin 18 D18 Dx56 Unknown
Am Granite Co. Monaghan Unknown
Apollo Finance & Leasing Dublin 18 Unknown
Arklight Co. Kerry, V93 W8w6 Unknown
B.Lue Clothing. Co. Kildare, W23 Ak03 Unknown
Bogdan Garden & Building Works Co. Mayo F12 P9x0 Unknown
Brandmax Sales L.P. Stillorgan Road Dublin 4 Unknown
Bx Projects L.P. Dublin 4 Unknown
Card Connection Co. Tipperary Unknown
Caterbox Dublin 17, D17 De40 Unknown
Chelsea Worldwide L.P. Dublin 4 Unknown
Connemara Jewelry Co Galway Unknown
Corporate Health Ireland Cork Cork T12 X9d0 Unknown
Crafty Carpentry and Construction Dublin 24, D24 F8e2 Unknown
Deane & Associates Co. Galway Unknown
E&P Auto Spa Co. Galway H54 V266 Unknown
E.S. Monaghan Co. Monaghan Unknown
Equadoor Co. Laois R32 F6nc Unknown
Espresso Caherciveen Co. Kerry, V23 Xr72 Unknown
Eyrco Dublin 22 D22 Wy26 Unknown
Irish Lift Trucks Dublin 22 Unknown
Jiggery Pokery Kilkenny, R95 E781 Unknown
Jings Crivens Industries Dublin 6w, D6w Rf40 Unknown
Justfreewifi Co. Clare, V95 Dkf7 Unknown
Kittiwake Solutions Co. Clare, V95 Nw64 Unknown
Living with Roxy Cork, T23 W020 Unknown
Lvm Engineering L.P. Dublin 4 Unknown
Mars Pizza Limerick Unknown
Marshall Transit L.P. Dublin 4 Unknown
N Bonner & Son Mobile Inspection Services Co. Donegal, F94 V102 Unknown
No Boundaries Communications Co Wicklow Unknown
Obh Partners Dublin 2 Unknown
Office Light Co. Kerry, V23 Rx01 Unknown
Omega Finance and Leasing Dublin 18 Unknown
Petrocorp Trade L.P. Stillorgan Dublin 4 Unknown
Probuild Co. Donegal Unknown
Redford Products L.P. Dublin 4 Unknown
Regans Property Maintenance Co. Tipperary, E25 P024 Unknown
Sakin Madak Barber Shop Galway, H91 F9v0 Unknown
Sp Networks Dublin 22 D22 Wy26 Unknown
The Ivy Wellness and Beauty Waterford X91 F8xw Unknown
Thornton & Co Accountants Co. Monaghan Unknown
Westgate Storage Co. Waterford Unknown
Wine Tasting Ireland Dublin 9, D09 W448 Unknown
Yellow Frame Photography Dublin 3 D03 D4w3 Unknown
Zia Photography Co Kilkenny Unknown

21st of June, 2017

3d Finishes Co. Wicklow, A63 Xt96 Unknown
A & J Garden Maintenance Dublin 11 Unknown
A Taste of Thai Co. Dublin Unknown
A.P.Ex. Athletes Co. Limerick Unknown
Ac Project Management Co. Kildare, W91 A2vn Unknown
Adg Consulting Co. Wexford Y25 Wn24 Unknown
Alicorn Media Limerick Unknown
Amber Co Kilkenny Unknown
Amber Sports Co Kilkenny Unknown
Amp Music & Media Production Co. Dublin Unknown
Animals in Donegal Aid Sanctuary Co Donegal Unknown
Apple Environmental Dublin 7 Unknown
Arcadius Galway Unknown
Artistech Dublin 2, D02 Fv38 Unknown
Av-Vc Techs Co. Kildare W91 Yp8v Unknown
B & M Property Management Co. Louth Unknown
B and H Hair and Beauty Services Dublin 15 Unknown
Banner Books Co. Clare V95 Dwf9 Unknown
Banshee Entertainment Co. Dublin, K67 V2a8 Unknown
Bbeauty Co. Clare Unknown
Bluebird Care Limerick Limerick Unknown
Bounce N Slide Co. Carlow Unknown
Brass Monkeys Co. Dublin, K67 V2a8 Unknown
Breakfastme Dublin 6, D06 T0a6 Unknown
Burrito Bros Dublin 6w Unknown
Cherrylips Dublin 18 D18 T8y6 Unknown
Chrissie Hofford Interiors Co. Mayo Unknown
Claremont Design Dublin 18 Unknown
Coburn Guidance Co. Kildare, W23 Ef66 Unknown
Coffey Engineering Co. Waterford Unknown
Cork Airport Transfers Cork Unknown
Cork Pizza House Co. Cork Unknown
Craft By Nadia Kirwan Co Kildare Unknown
Cryan Feeney Medical Galway Unknown
Daniel Harrington Agri Services Co. Cork, P75 Rp20 Unknown
Dave Burke Applied Property Maintenance Cork Unknown
Dee Cabinets Co. Louth Unknown
Des Doran Carpentry Co. Kilkenny, R95 Av90 Unknown
Dezsoa Co. Carlow, R93 D7x8 Unknown
Dinard Security Co. Kerry Unknown
Divine Fine Finishing Dublin 13 Unknown
Doc Kitchens and Bedrooms Co. Meath, C15 Cd79 Unknown
Dollard & Co. Dublin 2 Unknown
Douglas Automation Cork Unknown
Douglas Control Cork Unknown
Douglas Controls Cork Unknown
Eamonn Kelly & Associates Co Meath Construction
Earth Cafe Co. Cork Unknown
Eb Ss Cork Unknown
Educational Cleaning Services Co Galway Unknown
Ek Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic Co Meath Unknown
Elevate Health Co. Donegal Unknown
Elope To Ireland Co. Clare V95 Cc6v Unknown
Emojo Co.Wexford Unknown
Escapada Health Retreat Co Kerry Unknown
Express Legal Co. Wicklow Unknown
Farrell International Transport Co. Roscommon Unknown
Feast House Co. Westmeath N37 R268 Unknown
Fit Me Co. Westmeath, N91 T446 Unknown
Fix It Friday Dublin 11 D11 Np9a Unknown
Flockout Dublin 12 Unknown
Gallagher It Solutions Co. Cork P81 Xp62 Unknown
Gels By Jude Wicklow, A67 Yc66 Unknown
Gentle Healing Co. Roscommon N39 Xh74 Unknown
Get Money Back Co. Laois R32 H02p Unknown
Glas √Čireann Solutions Co. Limerick Unknown
Glenside Hotel Co. Meath A92 Y196 Unknown
Gopex Roscommon, F42 Xy79 Unknown
Green Acorn Co. Donegal, F94 Pp44 Unknown
Grinsell Engineering Co Tipperary Unknown
Guitar6steps Dublin 5 Unknown
Harpro Co. Cork P43 Ah10 Unknown
Health Shack Cafe Co. Wexford Y21 Y248 Unknown
Herbal Earth Co. Mayo Unknown
Hush Hair Design Co. Cork Unknown
Icleanax Co. Dublin Unknown
Inga Cleaning and Household Services Dublin 8 Unknown
Inspire Nails Studio & Academy Co. Tipperary, E91 C589 Unknown
Jc Mac Cork Unknown
Jk Sheds Co. Louth Unknown
Jmc Designs Co. Kerry, V92 D5n3 Unknown
Johnny Farrell Solicitors Dublin 2, D02 Ey47 Unknown
Joseph & Padraig Marry Co. Meath Unknown
Jpe Trading Dublin 16, D16 Cf66 Unknown
Jw Bathrooms Dublin 12 Unknown
Kelly Solicitors Co. Mayo Unknown
Kpc Recruitment Europe Dublin 18 Legal and Other Business Activities
Lauraffe Monaghan Unknown
Learn with Ipass Dublin 12 Unknown
Liana Lally Preschool Co. Louth Unknown
Long Quay House Co. Cork P17 R276 Unknown
Mahon Plastering Co. Westmeath Unknown
Marcus Crawley Roofing & General Maintenance Co. Meath A85 E650 Unknown
Martin O'Driscoll Property Maintenance Co. Cork, P72 E840 Unknown
McD Construction Services Co. Sligo Unknown
McNibbly'S Co Galway Unknown
Millea Plant Hire Co. Kilkenny Unknown
Mr Grip Tyres Co. Offaly, R45 Y998 Unknown
Munster Firewood Co. Limerick Unknown
Mylahore Longford Unknown
Myzenpod Co. Dublin K36 Rc80 Unknown
Nmpainting Co Dublin Unknown
Noirin Brady Interiors Galway Unknown
North Kerry Cvrt Co. Kerry Unknown
Nursing Home Consulting Co. Kildare W91 R7w6 Unknown
O'Reilly's Montessori School Co. Cork Unknown
Ocean Catch Co. Dublin Unknown
Ohc Dublin 1 Unknown
Oil & Gas Supplies Co. Wicklow A98 Nw98 Unknown
Oliver Gaynor Co. Louth Unknown
Omexom Ireland Naas Unknown
Oxford House College Dublin 1 Unknown
Peter Houlihan Frics, Fscsi, Chartered Valuation Surveyor Dublin 2 Unknown
Phoenix Events Co. Kildare Unknown
Physio Central Co. Offaly Unknown
Pizza Yard Dublin 2 Unknown
Precision Built Dublin 13, D13 E9v3 Unknown
Premier Meats Co. Tipperary Unknown
Property District Co. Wicklow, W91 Ve42 Unknown
R&B Heating and Plumbing Dublin 7, D07 Fw62 Unknown
Rathonoragh Honey Co. Sligo, F91 E126 Unknown
Reel Estate Visualz Co. Meath Unknown
Revive Cafe & Wine Bar Co. Kerry Unknown
Rose Garden Dublin 24 D24 Xh6e Unknown
Royal Canal Greenway Dublin 7, D07 Y5t7 Unknown
Shannon Lodge Hotel Co Offaly Unknown
Silent Night Coffins Co. Meath, W23 F6aw Unknown
Silhouette Co. Galway H53 K500 Unknown
Slingshot Digital Dublin 7, D07 K7c2 Unknown
Smallbeer Co. Limerick Unknown
Smart Traveller Services Cork Unknown
Smartzone Security Cork T12 Fr50 Unknown
Solas Louisburgh Co. Mayo Unknown
Sophie Sarongs Co. Dublin Unknown
Spooner Logistics Dublin 22 Unknown
Sunflowers Shinrone Co. Offaly Unknown
Superior Decorator Co. Wicklow, A98 Dy74 Unknown
T P G Glass & Windscreens Co. Cork Unknown
T&R Painting and Decorating Services Dublin 15 Unknown
Tekshop Galway H91 Ry86 Unknown
The Brew Box Dublin 9 Unknown
The Loft Cork City Unknown
Thom's Pharmacy & Opticians Dublin 6w, D6w Ny95 Unknown
Timeless Memories and Events Co. Kildare, R14 Wy26 Unknown
Torres Personal Training Co. Clare Unknown
Tranquility Health Beauty and Physical Therapy Co.Tipperary Unknown
Tria Service Station Carlow, R93 Rk72 Unknown
Tsf Consultancy Services Co. Cork Unknown
Vanseller Co. Tipperary E91 W8c4 Unknown
Virtual Video Ireland Co. Wicklow Y14 Ca46 Unknown
Vuvu Co. Laois Unknown
Walkinstown Medical Centre Dublin 12, D12 Px7a Unknown
Westview Net Cafe Dublin 15 Unknown
Zim Crafts Co. Dublin A94 R2v5 Unknown

20th of June, 2017

Chameleon Ireland Cork Unknown

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