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Our latest figures for 2013 show a sizeable drop in the number of petitions being heard by the Irish High Court to have companies declared insolvent and wound-up.

To date the courts have been presented with petitions to have 66 Irish companies liquidated - an average of just over 9 per month.

This figure is down 38% from the same period in 2012 when petitions to have 106 Irish companies were presented to the courts.

In order to present a petition to have a company wound up, an individual or a company (most likely a creditor) must be able to show that they are owed a minimum of €1,269.74 (1,000 in old Irish punts).

Of the 66 companies that have had a winding-up petition presented against them this year, 35 (53%) have been liquidated and a further four have yet to have their cases heard by the courts.

Insolvency Notices


The number of companies that have collapsed this year. This figure is up 36% compared to last year
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Our Credit Reports are predicting over 80% of insolvencies at up to 6 months in advance.



  • 32 Companies

E8 (Notice Of Appointment Of Receiver)

  • 13 Companies


  • 6 Companies



The number of companies that have closed this week.

New Startups

New Companies

  • 229 Companies

New Businesses

  • 410 Businesses

Important Changes

Changed Status

  • 914 Companies


  • 4 Companies

Strike off & Struck off Companies

Strike Off

  • 332 Companies

Struck Off

  • 181 Companies

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