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399 commercial and consumer judgments were awarded by the Irish courts this November - these judgments were worth E35.6m

This represents a 7.2% drop in the number of judgment awards when compared to November 2012 (430) - the figure of E35.6m is an increase of just over 35% on the Nov 2012 figure (E26.3m)

Consumers were the hardest hit this November accounting for 72% of all judgments awarded (289) - those judgments were worth E32.8m (92% of the total value of judgment awards during the month).

The average value of a consumer judgment increased sharply this November when compared to last. Last November saw an average of just over E71,000 per consumer judgment - this is now up 59% to E113,000 approximately.

The number of commercial judgment awards this November is identical to the figure from 12 months ago - 110. The value of these judgments, however, has dropped.

Last November we saw E3.5m awarded against companies for failure to repay debts - this has fallen by 20% to E2.8m

Insolvency Notices


The number of companies that have collapsed this year. This figure is up 32% compared to last year
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Our Credit Reports are predicting over 80% of insolvencies at up to 6 months in advance.



  • 27 Companies

E8 (Notice Of Appointment Of Receiver)

  • 9 Companies


  • 0 Company



The number of companies that have closed this week.

New Startups

New Companies

  • 336 Companies

New Businesses

  • 402 Businesses

Important Changes

Changed Status

  • 1068 Companies


  • 4 Companies

Strike off & Struck off Companies

Strike Off

  • 224 Companies

Struck Off

  • 209 Companies

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