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The 10 Most Common Types Of Cyber Crime. Are You Protected?

The phrase Cyber Risk, often brings images of hackers, ransom-ware, and sophisticated DDoS attacks to mind. And while a good representation, the truth is cyber risks can often be simpler, and closer to home.

Often it's the simple risks within our control that can cause the greatest damage.

Latest research shows email phishing (disguised emails designed to attack and steal user data) is now ranking as the most common Cyber Risk for Irish business. Again, probably one of the technically less sophisticated cyber risks, 66% of Irish companies say they have experienced this kind of attack in the past two years. (1)

That's not to say the myriad of security scanning software available are not essential. They are! And to show this we've listed the main threats below. But it's more to highlight, sometimes we're so busy looking after the more complex higher-end threats that we miss the ones sitting in our public facing systems. So a dual approach is needed.

That's where systems like CyberVision can help. CyberVision (from CRIF works with your existing security software but focuses solely on the kinds of risks mentioned above, automatically screening systems that are a hassle to monitor manually, and can often fall between stools. It intuitively gives you visibility of all current vulnerabilities in your public facing software, domain admin and email spoofing security.

Here's a list of the 10 most common types of attackā€¦. (3)

1. Phishing - disguised emails designed to attack and steal user data.

2. Malware - software intentionally developed to disrupt computer, server, client, or computer network e.g. Virus

3. Man-In-The-Middle Attack - an invader covertly modifies the chats and dialogues between two people who are communicating with each other.

4. Denial-of-service attack - the offender tries to make digital assets inaccessible to its anticipated users.

5. Structured Query Language (SQL) - an injection attack that allows the intruders to run malicious SQL statements that have the power to take over the database server.

6. Zero-Day Attack - a hidden bug defect in the software/hardware, hidden from the teams responsible for fixing the bug.

7. Cross-Site Scripting - attacks the malicious scripts are embedded to reliable websites.

8. Credential Reuse Attack - intruders can steal your usernames and passwords from a hacked website.

9. Password Attack - hackers hack passwords using a myriad of techniques.

10. Drive-By Download Attack - common method used by hackers to spread malicious scripts or codes on user's systems.

More than ever companies in Ireland are being affected. 61% of Irish organisations say they suffered from cyber-crime in the last two years. This threat appears to be growing, up from 44% in 2016, which is double the global average. (1) So it appears Irish companies on are prominently on radar for cyber-crime.

Are You Protected? Where does one begin in a world of cyber security software?

Once you have the essential security screening software in place. A good next step is with a cyber-management facility. CyberVision is CRIF Vision-net's answer to cyber-risk.

As mentioned above CyberVision covers the simpler threats for you. The ones that are often overlooked - allowing you view your current risks and potential vulnerabilities in your company's public facing systems, that could lead to data breach or leave it exposed to cyber-attack.

To find out more about CyberVision, simply contact us today on Tel: +353 1 903 2660, Email: or follow this link:

1) The PwC Irish Economic Crime Survey 2018

2) Top 10 Most Common Types of Cyber Attacks

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