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DigitalHub - The Countdown Begins

Over the last decade performing AML and KYC checks on customers has increasingly become more important. Each additional directive of the EU's AML legislation has brought new checks that must be performed when onboarding new customers. Up until now companies performing these checks on customers have had to manually do a lot of the work, using different providers for different datasets and taking up valuable resources and cost. However, that was then and this is now. The future of onboarding has arrived, it's called the DigitalHub and it will change the way you onboard customers...forever!

DigitalHub - The Countdown Begins

The new DigitalHub from CRIFVision-net combines every check you need to do, all in one place, with the click of a button.

If you're involved in the on-boarding of customers for account opening, loan applications or pre-screening in any way, DigitalHub is a game changer, and it's coming to your CRIFVision-net account in the days ahead. The final countdown has began.

It combines 4 services into one beautiful, hassle-free digital workflow for your customer, covering each step of the customer journey, from:

  • ID Verification (Video Selfie)
  • ID or Proof of Address acquisition
  • Pre-screening
  • In-depth risk evaluation
  • AML compliance
  • On-going monitoring and more

… all made intuitive and easy while also being fully GDPR compliant with audit trails, permission management and also totally secure.

Say Goodbye To Hassle and Cost

With the click of a button you can run a combination of any 3 reports on a customer or batch of customers taking the hassle out of manually running the reports one by one and filing separately. All reports with the DigitalHub are centrally delivered to your account, giving your teams instant insights on your customer's journey, with minimum effort, as well as actionable next steps in the on-boarding process with a single click.

Happier Customers

DigitalHub helps you give your customers…

  • amazing on-boarding experiences allowing them to onboard anywhere at any time (with our new service IDVerify)
  • with instant customer evaluation for faster decisions
  • effortless KYC compliance and case management
  • automated on-going risk intelligence

Allowing you as a business to benefit from happier customers, with lower costs and better, more automated processes.

At CRIFVision-net we believe there's always room for improvement. That's why when developing DigitalHub we wanted to create something truly original. A service that revolutionised the onboarding of customers, saved time, reduced admin and created a seamless workflow from one stage of the onboarding journey to the next. We think we have made that happen and it is available from October from within your account! Simply head over to the new 'Onboarding' section and discover the DigitalHub for yourself.

Call: 01 903 2660 or Email: to set up a demo of the DigitalHub with one of our business information specialists - we would be delighted to walk you through the service.

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