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Capturing Client / Customer ID for AML, has just gotten a whole lot faster

If you've yet to try IDVerify on Vision-net, today is a great day to give it a go!

We've just enhanced IDVerify with auto-detect. This means when your customer submits their ID documents, they're now captured quicker than ever.

IDVerify cleverly detects whether the customer's document is a passport or driver's license - without them having to click a button, fast-tracking the process and giving your customers a better experience.

Plus as part of your Consumer Hub free trial you already have access to run up to 5 IDV reports on your Vision-net account to let you try the service... and see for yourself how it might save your team's time and money.

Simply login to your account and click on DigitalHub and enjoy easier AML compliance. If you don't have a Vision-net account yet and would like to learn more about our service, just let us know and we would be happy to organise a call to discuss further.

If you would like to find out more about IDVerify or how we can help you save on your customer verification, simply give us a call today on Tel: 01 903 2657 or email: for more details.

Insolvency Notices


The number of companies that have collapsed this year. This figure is up 55% compared to last year
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Our Credit Reports are predicting over 80% of insolvencies at up to 6 months in advance.



  • 36 Companies

E8 (Notice Of Appointment Of Receiver)

  • 2 Companies


  • 1 Company



The number of companies that have closed this week.

New Startups

New Companies

  • 396 Companies

New Businesses

  • 155 Businesses

Important Changes

Changed Status

  • 531 Companies


  • 2 Companies

Strike off & Struck off Companies

Strike Off

  • 154 Companies

Struck Off

  • 121 Companies

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