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The Corporate Sustainability Directive

You need only to have responded to a tender recently to know, a growing trend shows many larger companies are now actively seeking to do business with companies who prioritize sustainability. Apart from really strong environmental reasons, this is driving many SMB's to adopt sustainability as a key business objective.

While this requires time, it can only be a good thing for the environment and for Irish business. Looks like the EU agree with us, with the introduction of the Corporate Sustainability Directive.

The above legislation, the CSRD, is coming down the tracks. The objective of the directive is to further enhance the disclosure by companies on climate and environmental data, and it is likely to affect Irish companies in two ways...

  • Larger Companies (over 250 employees) will have to disclose the impacts they have on climate and society. This will include an audit of their own ESG activities. They will also be required to provide information on the ESG activities of their supply chain.
  • Smaller & Medium Sized Companies supplying larger companies will need to be able to provide larger companies with an audit of their ESG activities in a standardised form, otherwise this will become a very time consuming function for the SMB.

How We Can Help?

We have partnered with Synesgy, to provide you with the tools to allow you and your suppliers to audit your businesses once a year, by completing a simple and straightforward ESG questionnaire. You will then receive a certification from Synesgy, which you can share with larger companies on request and use in your marketing.

Synesgy manages the whole process.

With over a quarter of a million companies registered, Synesgy is quickly becoming the international standard in corporate sustainability.

As you can see the importance of assessing and monitoring the sustainability of companies you do business with is becoming increasingly more important in today's business landscape.

To learn more about Synesgy, or to sign up today, simply call us on Tel: (01) 903 2660 or email us at

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