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How you can enhance your ESG reporting and disclosures.

Keeping your finger on the pulse of climate change is an arduous task in and of itself, so how can you make it easier for you and your business?

Open banking has been taking the market by storm, as many are looking to accelerate their digital transformation journey not only internally, but for customer experience also. Businesses are getting the most value out of this system by leveraging their current technology stack and integrating it with tools like Link2Bank. Perhaps you are asking yourself why you need to keep up with the trends in ESG and Sustainability reporting. The answer is that climate change scenarios may start affecting financial outcomes for businesses, regardless of industry, size, and function. Another important element to consider is the number of current and incoming directives and legislations relating to directly or indirectly to your corporate sustainability and ESG scores.

So now you know why it's important to keep your business' ESG front of mind, it is time to answer the how.

Synesgy is a sustainability and ESG assessment service, allowing you to view your ESG rating, and the ratings of companies you do business with, in 3 easy steps:

1. Register Online

2. Complete the Questionnaire

3. Download your ESG Certificate and Analytics

This way, you can view, monitor, and assess the sustainability of your supply chain and your own business accurately and efficiently. With the number of advantages that sustainability brings businesses both environmentally and commercially, it's no surprise that ESG is only increasing in relevance and importance.

Stay competitive and try out Synesgy today, speak with our sustainability experts on +353 (01) 903 2660, or email them at

Insolvency Notices


The number of companies that have collapsed this year. This figure is up 35% compared to last year
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Our Credit Reports are predicting over 80% of insolvencies at up to 6 months in advance.



  • 65 Companies

E8 (Notice Of Appointment Of Receiver)

  • 3 Companies


  • 1 Company



The number of companies that have closed this week.

New Startups

New Companies

  • 534 Companies

New Businesses

  • 7 Businesses

Important Changes

Changed Status

  • 704 Companies


  • 2 Companies

Strike off & Struck off Companies

Strike Off

  • 101 Companies

Struck Off

  • 197 Companies

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