Top 10 Commercial Judgments

Below is a list of Commercial Judgments Loaded in the last 14 days.

Company NameAmountJudgment DateIndustry
1.Fusion (E & I) Limited€78,63408/05/2018Construction
2.Fastnet Mussels Limited€58,11701/05/2018Unknown
3.Fastnet Mussels Limited€45,88001/05/2018Unknown
4.T/As Ito€31,73003/05/2018Unknown
5.Sindaco Limited€20,65111/05/2018Transport
6.Treadalator Limited€19,95708/05/2018Trade and Retail
7.T/As O'Connor Coach Hire€16,06414/05/2018Unknown
8.Clonark Home Cooked Foods Limited€15,50801/05/2018Manufacturing
9.New Wave Construction Limited€12,38314/05/2018Construction
10.Insliu Innovations Limited€11,13304/05/2018Manufacturing
For the total value of €0.31M
Top 10 Consumer Judgments

Below is a list of Consumer Judgments Loaded in the last 14 days.

Consumer NameAmountJudgment Date
1.Michael Gibbons, Austin Gibbons€5,154,60414/05/2018
2.James Farrell€1,224,33703/05/2018
3.Myrtle Roberts€1,005,62101/05/2018
4.Thomas Anderson€776,72714/05/2018
5.James Wallace€469,90604/05/2018
6.Seamus Fegan€391,37911/05/2018
7.John Lenihan€305,00004/05/2018
8.Ciaran Killalea€286,04504/05/2018
9.Jennifer Scott€166,80411/05/2018
10.Bienvenu Mbemba€126,68111/05/2018
For the total value of €9.91M

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