Business Set Ups

Below is a list of new Business Set Ups.

Business Name Partial Address Industry

21st of September, 2018

&So Studio Dublin 8 Unknown
7th Heaven Bistro & Cafe Co. Kerry Unknown
Acsi Co. Cork Unknown
Adapt Health Co. Cork Unknown
Aesculapius Pharma Brokerage Co. Sligo Unknown
Angels Flowers Co. Kerry Unknown
Arch Property Maintenance Co. Galway Unknown
Art Class Dublin Co. Wicklow Unknown
Ballygarvan Boarding Kennels & Professional Grooming Co. Cork Unknown
Boc Gases Dublin 12 Unknown
Boc Healthcare Dublin 12 Unknown
Booterstown Childcare Service Co. Dublin Unknown
Bradley Bookkeeping Co. Galway Unknown
Brand Me Dublin 4 Unknown
Brendan McMahon Auto Repairs Co Clare Unknown
Bridge Capital Partnership Dublin 4 Unknown
Business Advisors Co. Wexford Unknown
Catholic Joe Co. Tipperary Unknown
Ceelabb Dublin 12 Unknown
Cocktails Show Dublin 12 Unknown
Connect Europe Dublin 18 Unknown
Connect19 Dublin 18 Unknown
Connect20 Dublin 18 Unknown
Connect21 Dublin 18 Unknown
Connect22 Dublin 18 Unknown
Correspondences Poetry Anthology Dublin 3 Unknown
Cosmetic Ink Ireland Co. Kildare Unknown
Crisp Leaves Carlow Unknown
Dathúil Co. Laois Unknown
Dathúil Vintage Co. Laois Unknown
Decoarea Construction Limerick Unknown
Designer Tiles Douglas Cork Unknown
Diamondtels International Longford Unknown
Eoin Lyons Co. Offaly Unknown
Evolve Limerick Unknown
Ewa Wojciechowska Dublin 11 Unknown
Fbz Deliverys Co. Mayo Unknown
Fil Irish Cork Unknown
Fil Irish Bistro Waterford Unknown
Finn Haulage Co. Wexford Unknown
Fitzwilliam Corporate Services Dublin 2 Unknown
Foirfe Designs Co. Wexford Unknown
Framing By John Co. Kildare Unknown
Franciscan Developments Dublin 2 Unknown
Futurebody Ireland Gym Co. Westmeath Unknown
Greenclean Co Wicklow Legal and Other Business Activities
Grizzly Grinders Co. Dublin Unknown
Gul Sewing Centre Longford Unknown
Heat Unlimited Co. Monaghan Unknown
Helen Dunne School of Dance Co. Carlow Unknown
Houseproud Sligo Unknown
Ink Lovers Co. Kildare Unknown
Integrity Taekwon-Do Co. Kerry Unknown
Irish Provincial Gin Co. Meath Unknown
J.Tutty Co. Wicklow Unknown
Jj Houghs Pub Co. Offaly Unknown
John Sportraits Limerick Unknown
Joyem Co. Donegal Unknown
Karl Barnes Design Co Dublin Unknown
La Belle Dame Co. Kildare Unknown
Luigi'S Co. Cork Unknown
M Crowley Plastering Co. Cork Unknown
M.E.N Motors Co. Meath Unknown
Ma Maison Ireland Co. Dublin Unknown
Meath House Cleaning Co. Meath Unknown
Mk Hair & Brow Bar Co. Meath Unknown
Motor City Auto Spa Waterford Unknown
Mrs. C's Herbs and Candles Co. Clare Unknown
Munster Driving Campus Co. Cork Unknown
North West Boilers Co. Sligo Unknown
North West Archaeology Co. Leitrim Unknown
O'Donnell Farm Co. Limerick Unknown
Ocwm Law Solicitors Dublin 1 Unknown
Ortho Studio Dublin 7 Unknown
P & L Cabling Co. Louth Unknown
Pimlico Project Management Dublin 3 Unknown
Pollard Construction Dublin 16 Unknown
Psychic Marketing Co. Wexford Unknown
Purcellplant Co. Kildare Unknown
Sb Consultations Dublin 9 Unknown
Sew Pretty By Linsey Co. Carlow Unknown
Shirley House Dublin 12 Unknown
Stephenson Plant Hire Co. Wicklow Unknown
Sundew Productions Co. Mayo Unknown
Talking Men Dublin 16 Unknown
Teach Na Coille Enterprises Co. Clare Unknown
The Mountain Forge Escape Co Cork Unknown
Turf N Surf Co. Donegal Unknown
Venice Pizzeri Co. Tipperary Unknown
Vice Property Dublin 9 Unknown

20th of September, 2018

4 Star Kitchen Dublin 1 Unknown
A2z Consulting Dublin 24 Unknown
Ace Promotions Co. Cork Unknown
Actrading Cork Unknown
Alizone Co. Galway Unknown
Anú Garden Design Co. Wexford Unknown
Ashland Van Centre Co. Carlow, R93 Ha25 Unknown
Athlone Wedding Services Co. Westmeath Unknown
Batsukh Cashmere Dublin 16 Unknown
Bettystown Contract Service Co. Meath Unknown
Blue Star Print Dublin 5 Unknown
Breaking Wave Custom Woodwork Co. Kerry Unknown
Camtech Security and Technology Dublin 17 Unknown
Charganack Dublin 13 Unknown
Classhub Dublin 15 Unknown
Connolly Training Services Co. Donegal Unknown
Crystal H2o Dublin 3 Construction
Dlc Motors Dublin 3 Unknown
Dream Hair Salon Dublin 11 Unknown
Drumlin Springs Co. Monaghan Unknown
Dunsuan Co. Donegal Unknown
Eimear Boyle Artist Co. Donegal Unknown
Employability Service Louth Co. Louth Unknown
Express Clean Co.Dublin Unknown
Gb-Fencing Co. Laois Unknown
Generation Health Private Doctor Co. Dublin Unknown
Grace-Of-God Co. Louth Unknown
Greatgas Express - Carrigaline Co. Cork Unknown
Grian Technik Dublin 13 Unknown
Henshin Co. Limerick Unknown
Inishflair Cuisine Co. Meath Unknown
Invea Group Co. Mayo Unknown
Iridium Innovations Co. Kerry Unknown
Jk Racing Co. Cork Unknown
Jmm Ireland Dublin 2 Unknown
Jonathan Skinnader Haulage Co. Monaghan Unknown
Keltech Co Kildare Unknown
Kildare Falconry Services Co Kildare Unknown
Linda's Beauty & Hair Salon Dublin 9 Unknown
Maltcracker Kildare Unknown
Mark Stephens Architects Co. Mayo Unknown
Massimos Co. Meath Unknown
Maynooth St. Patrick's Day Parade Co. Kildare Unknown
Mmv Co. Cork Unknown
Multicultural Event Cork Co. Cork Unknown
Nicco Dublin 18 Unknown
O'Neill Foley Kilkenny Unknown
Oak Construction Co. Westmeath Unknown
Olympic Federation of Ireland Co. Dublin Unknown
Online Bookkeeping Services Co. Roscommon Unknown
Pasma Co. Louth Unknown
Petit Pommier Co. Kildare Unknown
Phone Link and Repairs Co.Mayo Unknown
Placenta Plus Ireland Co. Cork Unknown
Poppadom Dublin 6w Unknown
Power-Rowing Co. Wicklow Unknown
Premier Dining Services Co Kildare Unknown
Primacon Management Services Co. Clare Unknown
Reboot Service Co. Dublin Unknown
Refit Dublin 12 Unknown
Ronaldo's Flowers Florist. Gifts. Art Co. Louth Unknown
Saga 2017 Co. Clare Unknown
Scruffy Little Puppys Dublin 17 Unknown
Sean's Butchers Longford Longford Unknown
Snow Nail & Beauty Co. Dublin Unknown
Solo Graphics Cork Unknown
Spotlessy Clean Kerry Co. Kerry Unknown
Sunflower Hr Co. Kildare Unknown
Sweet Caroline'S Co. Tipperary Unknown
Tattoo's By Ro Dublin 15 Unknown
Tax Returns Plus Co. Kildare Unknown
The Composite Door and Window Co.Dublin Unknown
The Little Chickpea Cork Unknown
The Sheehan Clinic Co. Kerry Unknown
Tiernan Barry Photography Dublin 13 Unknown
Tng Carpentry & Renovations Co. Meath Unknown
U-Rock Magazine Dublin 15 Unknown
Urban Brewing Dublin 1 Unknown
Verifish Cork Unknown
Waterford Claddagh Ring Waterford Unknown
Well Hello Real You Co. Dublin Unknown
Wild Atlantic Wall Arts Co. Mayo Unknown
Your Digital Marketing Dublin 4 Unknown

19th of September, 2018

1925 Dublin 8 Unknown
A Little Piece of Ireland Co. Kildare Unknown
Accordin Dublin 10 Unknown
Ace Autos Co Kildare Unknown
Acuvet Ireland Co. Dublin Unknown
Advent Print Co. Kilkenny Unknown
AlohAA Bike Shop Dublin 1 Unknown
Awareness Training Ireland Co. Kerry Unknown
Badawy Traders Limerick Unknown
Be Healthy Catering Co Offaly Unknown
Beautiful Mess Customs Co. Meath Unknown
Beetroot Dublin 20 Unknown
Behan Carpentry Co. Westmeath Unknown
Beneficial Chocolates Co Westmeath Unknown
Capital Recovery Dublin 8 Unknown
Carda Windows Dublin 5 Unknown
Crumb & Cream Co. Dublin Unknown
Dc Motors Dublin 12 Unknown
Deansgrange Medical Practice Co. Dublin Unknown
Djm Draughting Dublin 13 Unknown
Doherty Building & Civil Co. Cork Unknown
Eaulab Co. Mayo Unknown
Eglobal Speed Co Meath Unknown
Ellen's Home Baking Co. Cork Unknown
Etax Rebate Services Co. Kildare Unknown
Expert I.T. Co Monaghan Unknown
GAA Travel Ireland Co. Cork Unknown
Gather Family Stories Co. Kildare Unknown
Host Ireland Business Broadband Dublin 2 Unknown
Ict Courier Dublin 16 Unknown
Instant Eco Limerick Unknown
Irish Trading Partners Co. Wexford Unknown
Ja Building Services Dublin 11 Unknown
Jsamuelmusic Dublin 15 Unknown
La Rossa Beauty Co. Dublin Unknown
Lady Bruniere Design Dublin 6 Unknown
Lee Side Story Cork Unknown
Liam McCormack & Sons Co. Westmeath Unknown
Linda's Nutritional Lifestyle Co. Louth Unknown
Macro Design Consultants Co. Kerry Unknown
Mai Thai Massage Therapy Centre Co. Cork Unknown
Malik Traders Limerick Unknown
McQuaid Architects Co. Westmeath Unknown
Medi Touch Micropigmentation & Beauty Co. Meath Unknown
Noughtie Dublin 12 Unknown
Noughtie Kitchen Dublin 12 Unknown
Oileain Marketing Dublin 6w Unknown
Panda Creative Dublin 15 Unknown
Pay2sender Dublin 6 Unknown
Pedal Power Delivery Co. Louth Unknown
Power Enterprise Dublin 1 Unknown
Privacy Docs Dublin 14 Unknown
Protigo Trans Dublin 15 Unknown
Qmp Consulting Longford Unknown
Salsa Cubana Cork Cork Unknown
Sati Yoga Sangha Co. Mayo Unknown
Serenity Cove Massage Skincare Carlow Unknown
Smart Buildings Solutions Dublin 24 Unknown
So Sew Cute Co. Cork Unknown
Soka & Partners Co. Galway Unknown
T.I. Home Renovation Co. Meath Unknown
The 1925 Dublin 8 Unknown
The 1925 Restaurant Dublin 8 Unknown
The Chinese Tourist Cork Unknown
The Kings Inn Dublin 1 Unknown
The Sceilp Inn Kilkenny Unknown
The Toast Office Co. Meath Unknown
Thorsdalen Smyth Architects Dublin 13 Unknown
Timmy's Tales Co. Kerry Unknown
Tk Builders Dublin 18 Construction
Trasna Dublin 2 Unknown
Trasna Care Dublin 2 Unknown
Trasna Finance Dublin 2 Unknown
Trasna Healthcare Dublin 2 Unknown
Trasna Medical Dublin 2 Unknown
Usee Leasing Co. Dublin Unknown
Wild Irish Walking Holidays Co. Wicklow Unknown

18th of September, 2018

A and L Plastering Co. Kildare Unknown
AA Event Dublin 24 Unknown
Acuwellness Co. Kildare Unknown
Alba Psychotherapy Dublin 8 Unknown
Alex's Adventure Co. Cork Unknown
Alla-Hatdesign Galway Unknown
Allgone Facilities Management Co. Carlow Unknown
Apple Blossom Clare, V95wv40 Unknown
Aspowindows Co. Galway Unknown
Asset Protection Solutions Dublin 14 Unknown
Aston Crean Mayo Unknown
B Logistics Dublin 11 Unknown
B2b Lead Generation Dublin 14 Unknown
Bella's Goat Buns Co. Donegal Unknown
Bello Studios Dublin 8 Unknown
Blackpool Tavern Cork Unknown
Blissful Healing Co. Meath Unknown
Blue Ladder Consultants Dublin 2 Unknown
Brian Costine Construction Co. Cork Unknown
Camelbak Eu Dublin 2 Unknown
Castlebar Gestalt Counselling Co. Mayo Unknown
Cbd Oil Ireland Co. Mayo Unknown
Cirrusly-Web Co. Meath Unknown
City Card Co. Cork Unknown
Clean 4 U Roscommon Unknown
Cocoongreen Dublin 2 Unknown
Connect Co. Cork Unknown
Cork Card Co. Cork Unknown
Coronary Care Response Co. Dublin Unknown
Cratloemoyle Partnership Co. Clare Unknown
Creative Therapies Cork Co. Cork Unknown
Crocodile Dundees Pets Co. Clare Unknown
Cré Floral Design Co. Dublin Unknown
Cyclesports Co. Waterford Unknown
Daniel Kelleher Co. Cork Unknown
Db Electrical Co. Dublin Unknown
Deltech Security Dublin 12 Unknown
Design 247 Dublin 15 Unknown
Digital Transformation Consulting (Dtc) Dublin 18 Unknown
Diverse Entertainment Dublin 11 Unknown
Doc Building Consultancy Co. Meath Unknown
Dream Wedding Designs By Rachael Co. Donegal Unknown
Dromey's Bar Co. Cork Unknown
E-Scooters Co. Dublin Unknown
Eliana Co. Kerry Unknown
Elite Coffee Stop Co. Louth Unknown
Emissions Management Services Co. Dublin Unknown
Envirogyp Recycling Systems Co. Donegal Unknown
Eugene Lannon Co. Mayo Unknown
Eurotech Energy Co Monaghan Unknown
Event Video Dublin 3 Unknown
Executive Financial Solutions Co. Mayo Unknown
Fencing Ireland Co. Wicklow Unknown
Fenlon Car Sales Co. Wexford Unknown
Finer Details Co. Cork Unknown
First Citizen Agri & Equipment Finance Dublin 1 Unknown
First Citizen Equipment Finance Dublin 1 Unknown
Forensic Fun Kilkenny Unknown
Forware Cork Unknown
G-Deko Co. Laois Unknown
Ger Nuala and Stephen Hanlon Co. Offaly Unknown
Gika Motors Co. Dublin Unknown
Gortnahoe Glengoole Development Association Co. Tipperary Unknown
Henson & Co. Co. Galway Unknown
Hi-Da-Way Co. Donegal Unknown
Hoof Care Direct Co. Cork Unknown
Hooray Dublin 24 Unknown
Individual Life and Pensions Galway Unknown
Inga's Sewing Place Co. Louth Unknown
Inspired Carpentry Dublin 4 Unknown
Interior Living Co. Dublin Unknown
Intertrade Auto Imports Co. Clare Unknown
Irish Bathtime Co. Kerry Unknown
Irish Overland Travel Co. Dublin Unknown
Iron Fitness Dublin 11 Unknown
Jewelsireland.Ie Co. Kildare Unknown
Just Kitchens Dublin 18 Unknown
Kats Co Kerry Unknown
Kaz's Reiki Room Dublin 6w Unknown
Keep Her Lit Dublin 12 Unknown
Kmcc Painting & Decorating Co. Donegal Unknown
Land For Nature Co. Wicklow Unknown
Laois Tutorial Co. Laois Unknown
Leinster School of Dance Co. Dublin Unknown
Liddy's Eurospar Co. Clare Unknown
Liddy's Eurospar Co. Clare Unknown
Liddy's Spar Co. Clare Unknown
Logiclife Dublin 12 Unknown
Lough Gur Pottery Co. Limerick Unknown
Louth Filmmakers Society Co Louth Unknown
Love Me Do Co. Meath Unknown
Luigi Malones Cork Unknown
Lámh Botanicals Dublin 12 Unknown
Maavs Dublin 5 Unknown
Mac Uaid Enterprises Dublin 22 Unknown
Madigan Dublin Dublin 2 Unknown
Maggrow Dublin 14, D14cd72 Unknown
Mervyn Shorten Co. Limerick Unknown
Mix Coworking Co. Cork Unknown
Motion Designs Galway Unknown
Motowitch Co. Waterford Unknown
Mrs & Mr Cleaner Co. Wexford Unknown
My Bubble Bum Dublin 18 Unknown
N F Autos Direct Co. Laois Unknown
National Medical Training School Co. Galway Unknown
Nees Garage Co. Galway Unknown
Noodle Box Waterford Unknown
Nursing Home Support Scheme Advice Co. Cork Unknown
Occasion Cars Co. Clare Unknown
Ome-Partners Co Meath, A82 D959 Unknown
One Society Dublin 15 Unknown
Orchid Restaurant Dublin 4 Unknown
Oulartleigh Equestrian Co. Wexford Unknown
Outdoor Explorers Preschool Co. Mayo Unknown
Pat Murray Financial Services Co. Cork Unknown
Patrick Ketch Productions Cork Unknown
Paul Melody Tiling Co. Clare Unknown
Pel Partnership Co. Wexford Unknown
Photo Express Co. Louth Unknown
Power Packaging Co. Galway Unknown
Print Express Co. Louth Unknown
Pro Video Entertainment Co. Meath Unknown
Pugwash Bay Co. Louth Unknown
Radio Dublin 13 Unknown
Raw Material Dublin 1 Unknown
Realcom Co. Meath Unknown
Reilly Turkeys Co. Kildare Unknown
Richard Madigan Couture Naas Co. Kildare Unknown
Rob of the Green Media Cork Unknown
Roger Smyth Plant Services Co. Kildare Unknown
Seby Creative Co. Dublin Unknown
Self Starter Magazine Co. Wicklow Unknown
Sergio Cristiani Sales Dublin 7 Unknown
Shantha'S Co. Wexford Unknown
Shauna Harrison Illustration Co Wicklow Manufacturing
Simple Moover Co. Laois Unknown
Slattery Construction and Environmental Co. Clare Unknown
Smack Express Co. Louth Unknown
Software Studio Co. Kildare Unknown
Sqgolf Dublin 10 Unknown
Stone Bathroom Solutions Co. Wicklow Unknown
Sweet & Sourdough Dublin 14 Unknown
Swerve Dublin 2 Unknown
Swiftquote Dublin 8 Unknown
The Landscape Management Co. Co. Kildare Unknown
The Lef Chinese Restaurant Co. Kildare Unknown
The Mutt Hut Dublin 24 Unknown
The One Dublin 6 Unknown
The Smugglers Kitchen Dublin 2 Unknown
Tir Chonaill Electrical Services Co. Donegal Unknown
Tommys Asian Takeaway Carlow Unknown
Top 10 Burgers Co. Tipperary Unknown
Total Motivational Fitness Co Tipperary Unknown
Townhouse Yarns Dublin 2 Unknown
Tp Renovations Sligo Unknown
Treaty City Translations Limerick Unknown
Turtles Pizza Co. Louth Unknown
Tyre Force Co. Longford Unknown
Uncoated Dublin 8 Unknown
Webtrade Cork Unknown
Wfi Co. Wexford Unknown
Winston Education Co Dublin Unknown
Yit Youghal Co. Cork Unknown
Yurimassage Co. Longford Unknown

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