Business Set Ups

Below is a list of new Business Set Ups.

Business Name Partial Address Industry

21st of January, 2019

360 Groundworks Co Dublin Unknown
A-Clean Car Wash & Valet Co. Louth Unknown
A.D.Design Co. Dublin Unknown
Ab Management Co. Kerry Unknown
Acord Recruitment Dublin 12 Unknown
Adsfinder Cork Unknown
Africargo Worldwide Dublin 15 Unknown
Alcastar Co. Westmeath Unknown
Amc Painting Co. Dublin Unknown
Amr Co. Westmeath Unknown
An Sugan Co. Cork Unknown
Annandale House B and B Dublin 9 Unknown
Arcs Co. Tipperary Unknown
Aspects of Ireland Co. Meath Unknown
Aspects of Travel Co. Meath Unknown
Asr Auto Smart Repairs Co Laois Unknown
Assured Heating Solutions Dublin 15 Unknown
Auto Options Co. Donegal Unknown
Avaeon Solutions Galway Unknown
Beauty By V Dublin 15 Unknown
Behaviour Therapy Services Ireland (B.T.S.I) Co. Limerick Unknown
Big Bounce Bouncy Castles Co. Clare Unknown
Big Generator Band Co. Clare Unknown
Bm Accountants Dublin 15 Unknown
Breffni Balloons Co. Cavan Unknown
Bua Insurance Dublin 15 Unknown
Cacm Cork Unknown
Cacm Outsourced Cork Unknown
Carol Ann Woulfe Psychotherapist Dublin 14 Unknown
Carpets Dublin Dublin 9 Unknown
Carrowgarry Farm Co. Sligo Unknown
Casacrowd Holdings Dublin 2 Unknown
Casey's Cakes Co. Waterford Unknown
Century Property Services Co. Dublin Unknown
Charlies Angels Hair Salon Dublin 8 Unknown
Clearmove Co. Wicklow Unknown
Cls Placement Services Co. Kerry Unknown
Cma Ireland Dublin 6 Unknown
Coach Club After School Dublin 14 Unknown
Colleen Nichols Co. Donegal Unknown
Computer King Dublin 15 Unknown
Confident Educare Dublin 24 Unknown
Conor Gallinagh - Horticulture Consultant Co. Donegal Unknown
Damien Honan P & C Co. Clare Unknown
Danny Cremin Co. Limerick Unknown
Davpart and Used Car Salvage Dublin 1 Unknown
Dent Solution Co. Wexford Unknown
Dj Marv Entertainment Co. Dublin Unknown
Dmcl Carpentry Sligo Unknown
Dropfox Co. Kildare Unknown
Eastern Promise Co. Wicklow Unknown
Egan Services Co. Cork Unknown
Eudaimonia Dublin 24 Unknown
Euro Baby Care Dublin 8 Unknown
Euroindianmatrimony Dublin 24 Unknown
Every Season Landscape and Design Co. Wicklow Unknown
Evgeniy Garkov Dublin 15 Unknown
Fabric Romance Co. Galway Unknown
Fitzgerald Co. Kerry Unknown
Flanagan & Sons Construction Co. Mayo Unknown
Fly Gaming Co. Offaly Unknown
Foam Co. Donegal Unknown
Foxy Hair Salon Co. Cavan Unknown
Galway Whiskey Experience Dublin 2 Unknown
Gheorghetransport Co. Meath Unknown
Gmc Services Dublin 24 Unknown
Goko Beauty Bar Co. Roscommon Unknown
Golden Skin Waterford Unknown
Greenspace Investment Club Dublin 24 Unknown
Groom and Room Co. Cork Unknown
H2ireland Cork Unknown
Healthfocus Ireland Co. Meath Unknown
Heat Logic Kilkenny Unknown
Hermitage Innovation Technologies Kilkenny Unknown
Hippie By Nature Co. Laois Unknown
Hire a Garden Co. Donegal Unknown
Hunter's Moon Equestrian Co. Cork Unknown
I & F Tree Services Co. Clare Unknown
Ipm Draper Financial Brokers Sligo Unknown
Irish Pensions Dublin 15 Unknown
Isle Hair Co. Wexford Unknown
James Harty Plant Hire Co. Waterford Unknown
Jfsafe Pass Care Co. Cavan Unknown
Jinal Cooking Classes Limerick Unknown
Jk Electrical Co. Tipperary Unknown
Jk Physical Therapy Kilkenny Unknown
John & Evan Hunt Co. Sligo Unknown
Kellwood Media Co. Cavan Unknown
Kenko Health Co. Mayo Unknown
Key Talent Dublin 1 Unknown
Kiddiecare Co.Laois Unknown
Kotanical Dublin 6 Unknown
Legal Index UK Cork Unknown
Lennox'S Co Cork Unknown
Lextech Dublin 4 Unknown
Liberty Insurance Cavan Financial
Lions Den Tattoo Studio Co. Dublin Unknown
Little Haven Holistic Therapies Co. Limerick Unknown
Luxury Driven Dublin 2 Unknown
Magic Mirror Solutions Co. Kildare Unknown
Marcus Evans Investments Dublin 1 Unknown
Maya Fox Art Cork Unknown
Mc Autos Co. Wexford Unknown
Mc Oven & Appliance Cleaning Co. Louth Unknown
McKeown Recovery Services Co. Dublin Motor
Mhm Millwork Co. Clare Unknown
Miller Carroll Insurances Co. Cork Unknown
Mind Media Co. Wicklow Unknown
Munster Links Co. Clare Unknown
Mydental Dublin 18 Unknown
Naughton Safety Services Co. Longford Unknown
Nb Consulting Co. Meath Unknown
Noel Keyes Co. Offaly Unknown
Northeast Barber's and Academy Co. Louth Unknown
Ntd Construction Co. Cavan Unknown
Olr Fitness Waterford Unknown
Onload Dublin 7 Unknown
Organnaised Co. Clare Unknown
P & P Racing Co. Kildare Unknown
Padden Bookkeeping Dublin 15 Unknown
Patrick Cremin Co. Limerick Unknown
Pb8 Creative Solutions Dublin 22 Unknown
Petit Avenue Co. Dublin Unknown
Pf McCarthy's Bar & Restaurant Co. Kerry Unknown
Physifix Co Cork P47 Ve20 Unknown
Pickardstown Service Station Co. Waterford Unknown
Precision Grassland Services Co. Wexford Unknown
Premium Taxi Services Dublin 8 Unknown
Pure Cavan Unknown
Queen of the Meadow Co. Cork Unknown
Raid Studios Dublin 12 Unknown
Rcl Ireland Dublin 6 Unknown
Rebecca Nutrition Dublin 6 Unknown
Recovery Room Dundalk Co. Louth Unknown
Redsky Co. Meath Unknown
Relaxation Yoga Galway Unknown
Restec Co. Cavan Unknown
Rfc Car Park Management Co. Dublin Unknown
Richmond Sales Co. Meath Unknown
Roisin Ellis Neuromuscular Therapist Co. Wicklow Unknown
Rosezitas Wedding Accessories Carlow Carlow Unknown
Safe Cert Dublin 15 Unknown
Sapori Donegal Unknown
Sara Davidson Coaching and Consulting Dublin 5 Unknown
Sean Harrington Carpentry Co. Cork Unknown
Sean Weir Co. Leitrim Unknown
Silver Cab Dublin Dublin 3 Unknown
Simply Insure Co. Cork Unknown
Smd Solicitors Cork Legal and Other Business Activities
South African Shop Wexford Ireland Co. Wexford Unknown
Speech At Home Dublin 6 Unknown
Startranslation Co. Clare Unknown
Straight From the Kitchen Co. Wexford Unknown
Summerswell Co. Galway Unknown
Sure Dublin 15 Unknown
Sweeney and Sons Waste Management Co. Galway Unknown
Sweet Feet Reflexology Co. Cavan Unknown
Sylvia Barber Co. Donegal Unknown
Tagra (Ta Gra) Co. Dublin Unknown
Talk Time Speech Therapy Co. Wicklow Unknown
Teameroo Co. Kerry Unknown
The Dillon Family Limited Partnership Limerick Unknown
The Hair Factory Co. Kildare Unknown
The Mind Academy Co. Wicklow Unknown
The Village Barber Kildare Unknown
The Yoga Feed Dublin 6 Unknown
Toffe Editing Co. Dublin Unknown
Tq Europe Dublin 12 Unknown
Trademate Co. Wicklow Unknown
Trespass Co. Wicklow Unknown
Trespass Co. Wicklow Unknown
True Shine Cleaning Services Co. Limerick Unknown
Tumblewood Preschool Co. Laois Unknown
Visit New Ross Co. Wexford Unknown
Wandering Star Irish Tours Co. Cork Unknown
Waterford County Painters & Powerwashing Co. Wexford Unknown
Web Bridge Dublin 11 Unknown
West Cork Print Co. Cork Unknown
Willie John Egan and Fergus Egan Farm Partnership Co. Cork Unknown
Wiseowl3d Co. Kildare Unknown
Woolac Co. Dublin Unknown
Xian Street Food Dublin 2 Unknown
Yoga : Time Co. Westmeath Unknown

18th of January, 2019

Abc Painting Co. Donegal Unknown
Accountancy Index Ireland Cork Unknown
Adapt 365 Dublin 13 Unknown
Ae Heating & Plumbing Co. Westmeath Unknown
Aesthetic and Spmu By Olesya Chulkova Co. Kildare Unknown
Affordable Cleaning Services Dublin 1 Unknown
Albert White Physiotherapy Co. Laois Unknown
Alex&Rah Dublin 15 Unknown
Alison Nulty Cork Unknown
Alpha Security Co. Monaghan Unknown
Ann Leonor Consulting Dublin 8 Unknown
Annette Bohan Martin Dublin 15 Unknown
Barry Family Priviti Partnership Galway Unknown
Bcm Safety Co. Wexford Unknown
Bostjan Dornik Co. Galway Unknown
Cbj Sports Co. Wexford Unknown
Centra Bayside Shopping Centre Dublin 13 Unknown
Chadhla Waterford Unknown
Chillout Furniture Dublin 1 Unknown
Cian McEvoy Hair Co. Westmeath Unknown
Convergence Coaching Ireland Co. Wicklow Unknown
Core Power Pilates Co. Dublin Unknown
Cork Cleaning Cork Unknown
Coughlan Painting Services Dublin 22 Unknown
Daingean Nursery & Garden Centre Co. Offaly Unknown
Dccoms Co. Meath Unknown
Declan Keogh Plastering Co. Wexford Unknown
Delicious Cafe & Bistro Co. Kildare Unknown
Digital Dun Laoghaire Co. Dublin Unknown
Digital Hq Co. Dublin Unknown
Digitorc Galway Unknown
Dittspa Marek Zubacz Co. Kildare Unknown
Domestic Appliance Repair Galway Galway Unknown
Drinks21 Co. Kildare Unknown
Dt Construction & Maintenance Co. Meath Unknown
Dynamic Dairy Solutions Co. Limerick Unknown
East Clare Fitness Co. Clare Unknown
Emma Synnott Dublin 15 Unknown
Enca Dublin 12 Unknown
Enfield K9 Grooming Co. Meath Unknown
Falcon Irish Pubs Co. Clare Unknown
Femcair Medical Dublin 16 Unknown
Fenway Consulting Services Co. Cavan, H12 Xt18 Unknown
Fermoy Books Co. Cork Unknown
Festival of Light Co. Kerry Unknown
Flourish with Style Co. Cavan Unknown
Forizon Coaching, Development Training Co. Limerick Unknown
Formation Dublin Clontarf Dublin 3 Unknown
Fusion Films Co. Wicklow Unknown
Féile an Tsolais Co. Kerry Unknown
Gapi Co Dublin Unknown
Ger's Castles, Carts and Entertainment Co.Clare Unknown
Glenbrook Forwarding Co. Laois Unknown
Greenchair Dublin 15 Unknown
Gusto Coffee House & Bakery Co. Waterford Unknown
Hair By Bryonny Co. Longford Unknown
Hair By Debbie Co. Wicklow Unknown
Hairlove Dublin 24 Unknown
Hardwicke Dublin 4 Unknown
Harrington Haulage Co. Kerry Unknown
Hei Higher Education Ireland Carlow Unknown
Hibernia Management Training Services Co. Galway Unknown
Highland Painting and Decorating Co. Dublin Unknown
Ipp Industrial Production Processes Co Cork Unknown
Irish Formations Online Clontarf Dublin 3 Unknown
Isaacs Dublin 1 Unknown
Isaacs Hostel Dublin 1 Unknown
Iwoofu Co. Wicklow Unknown
Juno Training Co. Cork Unknown
Kenmare Services Co. Kerry Unknown
Kennedy Painting Co. Kerry Unknown
Kettle Belle'S Dublin 22 Unknown
Laura Waters Beauty Co. Wexford Unknown
Lauren Malone Academy Co. Wexford Unknown
Leahy Farmhouse Foods Co. Limerick Unknown
Martin Horan Classic Motors Co Mayo Unknown
Mary Coughlan Nutritional Therapy Co. Clare Unknown
McCaffrey Crafts Co. Kerry Unknown
McN Carpentry Co. Monaghan Unknown
Message Works Co. Mayo Unknown
Messages From Heaven Co. Dublin Unknown
Michael & Anthony Neary Co. Meath Unknown
Michael Adams Painting Co. Galway Unknown
Micro Building Dublin 15 Unknown
Midland Carpet Care Co. Laois Unknown
Midleton Books Co. Cork Unknown
Millbee Co. Offaly Unknown
Mts Security Systems Dublin 12 Financial
Murphyfitness Co. Wexford Unknown
My Personal Growth Dublin 11 Unknown
Naturally At the Wrens Nest Co. Laois Unknown
Njm Marketing Dublin 6 Unknown
Noel Reid Consulting Co. Cork Unknown
Oakley Financial Services Co. Wicklow Unknown
Office Pal Dublin 2 Unknown
Ogham Slate Dublin 24 Unknown
Ormonde Language Tours Kilkenny Unknown
Pck Consultancy Dublin 11 Unknown
Peter Lynch Heating & Plumbing Co. Cork Unknown
Phoenix Business Solutions Co. Mayo Unknown
Pixelant Cork Unknown
Professional Driver Service Co. Cork Unknown
Pygmalion Studios Co. Wexford Unknown
Quay Hearth Fireplaces Co. Mayo Unknown
Richard Byrne Productions Co. Dublin Unknown
Robo Think Co. Cork Unknown
Ruvercap Fund Management Dublin 2 Unknown
Seaton Property Services Dublin 12 Unknown
Seko Logistics Dublin 2 Unknown
Sf Construction Co Galway Unknown
Silk Road Solutions Co. Dublin Unknown
Silverback Beards Ireland Co. Westmeath Unknown
Smith & Coleman Construction Co. Cavan Unknown
Solutions in Mediation Galway Unknown
Stacks Creative Dublin 4 Unknown
Strandhill Sea Salt Co. Sligo Unknown
Suits You Menswear Limerick Unknown
Sunglass World Co. Dublin Unknown
Suzie's Before and After School Club Co. Kerry Unknown
Sweet House Co. Meath Unknown
Talk Therapy Meath Co. Meath Unknown
Thank Goodness Cork Unknown
The Beauty Parlour Co. Meath Unknown
The Design Co. Dublin 24 Unknown
The Moodytoons Storytelling Business Dublin 6w Unknown
The Sound Garden Music Bar Co. Mayo Unknown
The Square Co. Louth Unknown
Thepatchhub Dublin 12 Unknown
Thomas P. Fox & Co Co. Kildare Unknown
Tlc Carton Dublin 5 Unknown
To Harp & To Hold Cork Unknown
Top of the World Sports Injury & Well Being Clinic Cork Unknown
Tramore Trimmings Co. Waterford Unknown
Trip To Tipp Dublin 8 Unknown
Tss Litter Solutions Co. Tipperary Unknown
Tús Partners Dublin 15 Unknown
Up She Rises Hoist For Hire Dublin 2 Unknown
Upstream Civil Co. Louth Unknown
Walsh Electrical & Project Management Co. Dublin Unknown
Weapon of Choice Dublin 8 Unknown
West Coast Medical Co. Mayo Unknown
Whale's Tail Bistro Co Cork Unknown
Whats the Scór Co. Cork Unknown
Wings Club Cork Unknown
Yoga Glow Co. Dublin Unknown
Yogawithjusty Dublin 15 Unknown
Yogific Dublin 2 Unknown
Youghal Athletic Club Co. Cork Unknown

16th of January, 2019

2eva Carlow Unknown
5 Star Clean By Steam Galway Unknown
A88 Games Dublin 7 Unknown
Abojoe Co. Cork Unknown
Adsuite Co. Kerry Unknown
Aim Recruitment Limerick Unknown
Ajk Electric Co. Meath Unknown
Ald Automotive Co. Dublin Unknown
Ald Automotive Ireland Co. Dublin Unknown
Alternative Meds Co. Limerick Unknown
Anahata Co. Wicklow Unknown
Anomie Dublin 20 Unknown
Aon Dublin 1 Unknown
Arnott Woodlands Kildare Unknown
Ashville House Co. Kerry Unknown
Auto Perfect Co. Meath Unknown
Azimuth Publishing Co Dublin Unknown
B&D Plastering and Drylining Co. Donegal Unknown
Babylon Car Crash Repairs Dublin 12 Unknown
Baker Boys Sligo Unknown
Ballyglass Country House Tipperary Unknown
Ballygoats Cheese Co. Limerick Unknown
Barden Legal Dublin 2 Unknown
Bare Naked Bikes Co. Limerick Unknown
Bare Pantry Galway Unknown
Bear's Den Montessori Co. Clare Unknown
Behan & Associates Dublin 15 Unknown
Bespoke Travel Dublin 1 Unknown
Blue Spark Traders Dublin 15 Unknown
Bramble Cottage Kitchen Co. Wexford Unknown
Bramley Jewellers Carlow Unknown
Burnt At the Stake Co. Galway Unknown
Captal Farms Ballyhamlet Co. Waterford Unknown
Caring Solutions Co. Cork Unknown
Carraig Counselling Co. Cork Unknown
Castle Oak Design Co. Limerick Unknown
Castle Oaks House Hotel Co. Limerick Unknown
Cedar Dublin 12 Unknown
Chalkhill Farm Partnership Co. Tipperary Unknown
Chef Fast Food Dublin 11 Unknown
China Link Chinese Takeaway Co. Dublin Unknown
Ciara Moriarty Yoga Cork Unknown
Cl Painting & Decorating Co. Meath Unknown
Clondouglas K9 Hire Co. Laois Unknown
Cora Knows Best Dublin 1 Unknown
Cork Oral Surgery Cork Unknown
Cozy Gardens and Homes Dublin 15 Unknown
Crooked Boot Farm Co. Cork Unknown
Crown Kilkenny Unknown
Custom Camper Coversions Co. Kildare Unknown
Darkhatfilms Co. Donegal Unknown
David Cotter Plumbing & Heating Dublin 3 Unknown
Day2day Health Co. Galway Unknown
Ddce Ireland Co. Roscommon Unknown
Deuxes Attire Cork Unknown
Diamond Ecigs Co Mayo Unknown
Dna Sport Solutions Cork Unknown
Donros Services Co. Roscommon Unknown
Douglas Allotments Co. Cork Unknown
Drainco Dublin 15 Unknown
Dreaper Auto Brokerage Classics Limerick Unknown
Dynamicperception.Tv Co. Dublin Unknown
E-Lixor Fermoy Co. Cork Unknown
Ebgs Dublin 11 Unknown
Eco Garden Rooms Dublin 11 Unknown
Elevate Promotions Co. Mayo Unknown
Elvis Hairstyle Dublin 15 Unknown
Empower Counselling & Psychotherapy Dublin 11 Unknown
Envire Consulting Co. Galway Unknown
Fantastic Gardens Dublin 11 Unknown
Feather Row Co. Dublin Unknown
Flowerchild Dublin 9 Unknown
Folk Yoga and Coffee Co. Meath Unknown
Francis Hynes Digital Consultancy Dublin 6w Unknown
Galway Interior Design Co. Galway Unknown
Gerry'S Co. Galway Unknown
Gerry's Family Butchers Co. Galway Unknown
Get It Across Pr Co. Kildare Computers
Gm Safety Co. Carlow Unknown
Green Little Things Dublin 7 Unknown
Greenteam Fitness Dublin 18 Unknown
Gwada Mike Arts Co. Cork Unknown
Gym8hop Co. Donegal Unknown
Hair By Sandy Tipperary Unknown
Hairline Co. Cork Unknown
Harris Teaching Services Co. Sligo Unknown
Hassle-Free-Food Dublin 11 Unknown
Healthymind Therapy Dublin 8 Unknown
Hgh Drainz Co. Mayo Unknown
Hot Spot Co Mayo Unknown
House of Cars Co. Wexford Unknown
Houseofcolour Co. Wexford Unknown
Hurst Fitness and Nutrition Co. Dublin Unknown
Icebox Co Kerry Unknown
Inside Butik Co. Cork Unknown
Insights Counselling Carlow Unknown
Intravits Co. Dublin Unknown
Irish National Costume Archive Project Co. Meath Unknown
Irish Wedding Consultant Dublin 24 Unknown
Jacks Furniture Shack Co. Mayo Unknown
Jd Smart Heat Waterford Unknown
Jeet Career Services Co. Kildare Unknown
John Ruddle Consulting Co. Clare Unknown
Kerry Trail Ride Co. Kerry Unknown
Kleen-It Co. Kerry Unknown
Krzysztof Loska Tatoo Artist Co. Dublin Unknown
L & K Furniture Co. Waterford Unknown
Lar & John French Co Wexford Unknown
Laurens Saddles Co. Clare Unknown
Lavina's Wish List Co. Laois Unknown
Let It Shine Dublin 1 Computers
Limerick Grand Prix Limerick Unknown
Lk Like New Co. Donegal Unknown
M.Body Cork Unknown
M31 Factory Dublin 6 Unknown
Mac Dvd Co. Westmeath Unknown
Magicomp Services Cork Unknown
Mc Carthy Thompson Creative Media Co. Waterford Unknown
McCtv Co. Dublin Unknown
McFadden Cabinets Co. Donegal Unknown
Meaney Family Partnership Limerick Unknown
Medical Aesthetics At the Health Clinic Co. Roscommon Unknown
Michael John Twomey Co. Cork Unknown
Michael McTigue Co. Clare Unknown
Midland University Project Co. Offaly Unknown
Mobile & Ink Store Co. Mayo Unknown
Momentum Advisory Dublin 11 Unknown
Move That Homework, Planning/Coaching/Mindset Co. Tipperary Unknown
Myairporttaxi.Ie Co Dublin Unknown
Nally Engineering Co. Westmeath Unknown
Natural Stone Restoration Co. Tipperary Unknown
Neil Conroy Taxis Co. Kildare Unknown
Nk Sports & Injury Clinic Co. Donegal Unknown
O'Briens Cottage Wicklow' Wicklow Unknown
O'Sullivan Form Work Monaghan Unknown
Olena Co. Leitrim Unknown
One-Zero Dublin 9 Unknown
Oyster Dromkeen Co. Limerick Unknown
Patricia's Hd Wax & Beauty Longford Unknown
Patrick Horan Solicitors Co. Cork Unknown
Paul Boggan Assessors Co Wexford Unknown
Paul Shortall Plumbing & Heating Co. Laois Unknown
Phat Meek Media Co. Dublin Unknown
Phoenix Model Developments Co. Cavan Unknown
Pluckstown Farm Co. Kildare Unknown
Porky'S Dublin 12 Unknown
Pretty Peacock Wedding & Event Prop Hire Co. Donegal Unknown
Prior Art Records Dublin 20 Unknown
Priority Property Maintenance Co. Dublin Unknown
Proactive Health Co. Offaly Unknown
Rage Security Co. Wexford Unknown
Rapid Signs Co. Meath Unknown
Regional Internet Service Providers Association Co. Wicklow Unknown
Robert Popien Steam'N'Gleam Kilkenny Unknown
Rochcorp Dublin 13 Unknown
Rock Heroes Co. Galway Unknown
Ros Cheide Design & Construct Sligo Unknown
Ryan C Fit Co. Dublin Unknown
Santiago Investment Advisors Co. Kildare Unknown
Scallywags Co. Mayo Unknown
Seasalt Co. Cork Unknown
Service Centre Co. Westmeath Unknown
Sheen Falls Country Club Partnership Cork Unknown
Sl Plumbing & Heating Limerick Unknown
Smashin Dough Co. Wexford Unknown
Soundview Artists Co. Dublin Unknown
Staunton's Gala Co. Mayo Unknown
Store4u Galway Unknown
Student Accommodation Home From Home Co. Longford Unknown
Talk Works Dublin 13 Unknown
Tech Solutions Co. Galway Unknown
The Abbey Restaurant Co. Galway Unknown
The Bistro Take Away Dublin 8 Unknown
The Colour Yard Co. Offaly Unknown
The High School Dublin 6 Unknown
The Pilates Barre Co. Cork Unknown
Thomas Spettel, Freelance 2d Artist/Animator Dublin 4 Unknown
Thrivefrom45 Dublin 5 Unknown
Traders Capital Services Cork Unknown
Train Don'T Strain Co. Offaly Unknown
Transcending Phoenix Healing Arts Co. Dublin Unknown
Vital Tyres & Removal Services Carlow Unknown
Voguish Boutique Co. Wicklow Unknown
Vove Media Co. Offaly Unknown
Welink Energy Dublin 18 Unknown
Wes - Walls Electrical Services Dublin 16 Unknown
Wild Atlantic Luxury Tours Co. Cork Unknown
Wild Rose Basketry Co. Limerick Unknown
Wild Wool Way Co. Cork Unknown
Willow Holistics Co. Carlow Unknown
Woofcuts Dog Groomers Co. Wicklow Unknown
Yoga Notices Dublin 14 Unknown
Zero Latency Dublin 7 Unknown

Just Appointed:
36 Liquidators Appointed
9 E8 Receiver Docs
0 Examiners Appointed
Upcoming Meetings of Creditors:
29 To Appoint A Liquidator
2 Notices To Creditors
0 Final Meetings
Court Orders & Petitions:
7 Petitions & Court Orders
Recent Judgments:
Recent Judgments
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Latest Changes:
152 Company Closures
422 New Companies
524 New Businesses
1,170 Company Status Changes
Strike Off and Struck Off Companies:
200 Strike Off Listed Companies
562 Struck Off Companies