Business Set Ups

Below is a list of new Business Set Ups.

Business Name Partial Address Industry

14th of June, 2019

Adare Business Park Co. Limerick Unknown
Advancity Co. Dublin Unknown
Artstudio Co. Kerry Unknown
Attuneme Co. Cork Unknown
Autobody Repair Dublin 14 Unknown
Avoca Landscaping Co Wicklow Unknown
Bathroom Restorations Co. Dublin Unknown
Beacon Horizon Instrumentation Co. Cork Unknown
Bgss Dublin 12 Unknown
Biz Cleaning Service Co. Louth Unknown
Bm Cleaning Services Co. Meath Unknown
Butler Carpentry Co. Mayo Unknown
Cg Fitness Co. Kerry Unknown
Cognitic Co. Dublin Unknown
Collins Gardening & Diy Services Co Kerry Unknown
Complete Concrete Co. Galway Unknown
Derek Barry Auctioneers Co. Limerick Unknown
Dmb Artistry Co. Donegal Unknown
Ecoscape Co. Waterford Unknown
Emerald Asphalt Co. Offaly Unknown
Emily Kenny & Co. Co. Wexford Unknown
Emma Doyle Design Co. Kildare Unknown
Ev Rescue Limerick Unknown
Ev Rescue 24/7 Limerick Unknown
Evgogo Limerick Unknown
Fibroireland Dublin 10 Unknown
Film Your Holidays Co. Meath Unknown
Finops Co. Dublin Unknown
Flexycreative Galway Unknown
Genie & Sons Event Hire Co Westmeath Unknown
Glen Gardening Services Co. Donegal Unknown
Go Into Yourself Intercultural Dublin 1 Unknown
Goslins Bar Co. Wexford Unknown
Grit-Fit Co. Offaly Unknown
Grundy Creative Co. Galway Unknown
Gurusound Longford Unknown
Heart Beat Training Solutions Co. Kildare Unknown
Home Claim Support Co. Louth Unknown
Hustle Fitness Galway Unknown
Imagintion Station Co. Mayo Unknown
Innovation Home Improvements Co Meath Unknown
Irish Suffolk Sheep Co. Galway Unknown
Jmb Home Improvements Co. Limerick Unknown
Jo Charles Dublin 24 Unknown
John Nugent Respray Co. Meath Unknown
Kobash Jewellers Co. Dublin Unknown
Lappin's Headfort Pharmacy Co. Meath Unknown
Leguano Ireland Co. Mayo Unknown
Limerick Gearbox Centre Co. Limerick Unknown
Lucy Franks Consulting Dublin 6 Unknown
Maggie's Studio Co. Cork Unknown
Master Print Ireland Co. Dublin Unknown
Mc Dent Repair Co. Galway Unknown
Michael Farren Project Management Co. Dublin Unknown
Nd Autos Co. Meath Unknown
O'Donohoe Plant Hire Co. Wexford Unknown
Omc Repairs Co. Dublin Unknown
Operate Remote Co. Mayo Unknown
Parkandcharge Limerick Unknown
Picvelope Co. Kildare Unknown
Priority One Armada Co. Sligo Unknown
Sale Sale Sale Dublin 2 Unknown
Salt & Vinegar Seafood Restaurant & Takeaway Co. Wexford Unknown
Slk Construction Co. Meath Unknown
Stray Cat Productions Longford Unknown
Sublime Creative Studio Co. Meath Unknown
Team 65 Race Supplies Dublin 11 Unknown
Techris Systems Co. Monaghan Unknown
The Cotton Tree Co. Wexford Unknown
Winpro Service Co. Kildare Unknown
Women Producing Media Cork Unknown
Young Logistics Co. Louth Unknown
Zepphire Co. Wicklow Unknown

13th of June, 2019

360 Systems Co. Cork Unknown
4c Controls Wc Dublin 6 Unknown
Aligned Learning Co. Westmeath Unknown
Amane Heavenly Rain Cork Unknown
Anna Trade Dublin 2 Unknown
Au Pair Generation Co. Cork Unknown
Beauty By Tina Co. Offaly Unknown
Beauty House Co. Louth Unknown
Bull's Brew Cork Unknown
Churchtown House Co. Kerry Unknown
Clone Farming Co. Kilkenny Unknown
Connemara Carrots Co. Galway Unknown
Crafty Craic Co. Wicklow Unknown
D&B Print and Graphic Co. Cork Unknown
D-Meals Dublin 15 Unknown
David Moore Plant Hire Co. Tipperary Unknown
Dfs Co. Galway Unknown
Dfs & Co Co. Galway Unknown
Donegal Post Dublin 2 Unknown
Duhallow Dexter Co. Cork Unknown
Duhallow Meats Co. Cork Unknown
Duhallow Organic Meat Co. Cork Unknown
Easy Guide Cork Unknown
Ecoscaff Co. Limerick Unknown
Espresso Bar Co. Clare Unknown
Garnet Real Estate Navan, C15 Fx99 Unknown
Get Chefs Co. Dublin Unknown
Get People Co. Dublin Unknown
Hair and Beauty Industry Confederation Co. Leitrim Unknown
Irish Pond Solutions Co. Dublin Unknown
Joanna Cleaning Service Co. Mayo Unknown
Kevin Ring Designs Co. Cork Unknown
Kozpresso Coffee Galway Unknown
Livecosts.Com Co. Meath Construction
Mad Carpentry Dublin 22 Unknown
Marchloo Merchants Co. Cork Unknown
MD Occupational Therapy Co. Tipperary Unknown
Meere's Pork Products Co. Clare Unknown
Milk Harbour Holidays Co.Sligo Unknown
Mind Body Release Co. Galway Unknown
Nany Beauty Room Co Kerry Unknown
Nifty Marketing Co. Galway Unknown
Not Another Feckin Hairbrush Co. Kilkenny Unknown
Oman Health Services Dublin 24 Unknown
Pamilya Pilipinas Asian Goods Co. Monaghan Unknown
Pixel Dust Co. Leitrim Unknown
Rakeelan Furniture Co. Cavan Unknown
Rea Hynes Co Westmeath Unknown
Readathriller Dublin 14 Unknown
Ross O'Donovan Co. Cork Unknown
Royal Balloon Co. Meath Unknown
Secure Lock Automation Dublin 24 Unknown
Seqtor Co. Wexford Unknown
Smart Legal Dublin 7 Unknown
Smg Design Studio Galway Unknown
Smiths Bar Co. Cavan Unknown
Sophrology Ireland Dublin 4 Unknown
Sticks and Cones Co. Kildare Unknown
The CEO Institute Co. Cork Unknown
The Skin Revival Clinic Co. Dublin Unknown
The Wide Eyed Doll Dublin 3 Unknown
Think Fit Dublin 24 Unknown
Trinity Connect Dublin 12 Unknown
Tung Sing Restaurant Co. Cork Unknown
We Know Property Navan, C15 Fx99 Unknown
Wexford Fractal Burning Wexford, Y35 A5w0 Unknown

12th of June, 2019

4ward Media Productions Dublin 11 Unknown
A Time To Gather Co. Cork Unknown
A.Dare Building and Construction Co. Limerick Unknown
Accent Energy Co. Dublin Unknown
Access Security Products Dublin 24 Unknown
Amie (Arts, Music, Inspirational Entertainment) Co. Kildare Unknown
Arc Financial Planning Dublin 16 Unknown
Ashbourne Jewellers Co. Meath Unknown
Auto Express Co. Donegal Unknown
Barry Mc Grath Energy Design & Surveyors Wexford Unknown
Beanantees Co. Donegal Unknown
Benefacts Analysis Reports Dublin 2 Unknown
Benefacts Data Services Dublin 2 Unknown
Benefacts Information Services Dublin 2 Unknown
Benefacts Web Services Dublin 2 Unknown
Berry and Wolf Co. Donegal Unknown
Bim Institute Co. Louth Unknown
Blossom, Birth and Bundle Co. Cork Unknown
Blue Jade Takeaway Waterford Unknown
Boxroomstorage Co. Westmeath Unknown
Boyne Dental Dunshaughlin Co. Meath Unknown
Brook Solutions Dublin 18 Unknown
Camhs Private Dublin 13 Unknown
Castle Breweries Co. Cork Unknown
Catherine O Kelly Dublin 7 Unknown
Centre Line Equine Services Co. Wicklow Unknown
Chew & Brew Donegal Unknown
Child's Play Aba Co. Westmeath Unknown
Clare Heat Pumps Co. Clare Unknown
Cloheen Homes Co. Cork Unknown
Cnp Automation Co. Carlow Unknown
Coffee Couture Waterford Unknown
Coiste Ionad Pobail Dhun Luiche Co. Donegal Unknown
Cosmetic Crew Dublin 13 Unknown
Crs Systems Co. Cork Unknown
Cybersafe Services Co. Dublin Unknown
Daisy Boco Physical Design Consultant Co. Limerick Unknown
Daly Digital Co. Roscommon Unknown
David Littlejohn Co. Kerry Unknown
Db Rydell Investor L.P. Dublin 15 Unknown
Dfs & Co Accountants & Business Advisors Co. Galway Unknown
Diadem Art Studio Co. Wexford Unknown
Digital Salon Group Co. Dublin Unknown
Donagh Plumbing Services Co. Monaghan Unknown
Eds Branded Goods Store Co. Donegal Unknown
Emo Oil Liscannor Co. Clare Unknown
Euroghosts Galway Unknown
Fbc Painting and Renovation Co. Cork Unknown
Food Guru Indian & Fast Food Takeaway Co. Donegal Unknown
Giftbarn Dublin 12 Unknown
Gino's Take Away Co. Meath Unknown
Gladius International Co. Dublin Unknown
Greenage Contracts Dublin 15 Unknown
Group Coaching Online Co. Dublin Unknown
Gus O'Connors Pub Co. Clare Unknown
Habic Co. Leitrim Unknown
Heal Elite Health - Sports and Remedial Therapy Dublin 15 Unknown
Home To Home Tours Co. Wexford Unknown
Homesafe Dublin 12 Unknown
Houston Nail Spa and Beauty Limerick Unknown
Inka Autospa Car Wash Valeting & Car Repairs Co. Longford Unknown
Irish Pressure Cleaning Co. Wicklow Unknown
Ivr Electrical Co. Dublin Unknown
J2 Sushi & Grill Dublin 9 Unknown
Jess Institute of Resilience-Building Co. Cork Unknown
Js Landscaping County Monaghan Unknown
Kbc Life & Pensions Dublin 2 Unknown
Kbc Life and Pensions Dublin 2 Unknown
Kdoc Foundation Co. Kildare Unknown
Keane Bros Co. Waterford Unknown
Klauditors Dublin 6w Unknown
L. & J. Jewellers Co. Dublin Unknown
Languageland Co. Kildare Unknown
Lawbriefs Ireland Co. Cork Unknown
Lawn and Order Co. Wicklow Unknown
Love Lashes By D Dublin, A96 E5n8 Unknown
Lukas & Marie Co Cork Unknown
Marte Best Co. Tipperary Unknown
Mel Handmade Lures Co. Westmeath Unknown
Metta Thai Therapy Co. Waterford Unknown
Mg Infinity Dublin 14 Unknown
Milltown Family Meats Co. Cavan Unknown
Mizzoni's Pizza Cork Unknown
Mm Limited Partnership Dublin 2 Unknown
Murphy Communications Co. Donegal Unknown
Murphy Medical Co. Waterford Unknown
Muttz Cutz Co. Kerry Unknown
Mywatches Co. Cork Unknown
Neon Service Co Dublin 6 Unknown
Nirvana Restaurant Co. Donegal Unknown
P.Motiv.Lead Dublin 3 Unknown
Padoca Dublin 1 Unknown
Panhandle Co Co. Leitrim Unknown
Pat Makeover Dublin 11 Unknown
Paul Akeh Co. Kildare Unknown
Pitman Training South Co. Kerry Unknown
Printlink Co. Dublin Unknown
Profile Marketing Cork Unknown
Ramen Waterford Co. Waterford Unknown
Rebelle Surf Co. Sligo Unknown
Root Digital Galway Unknown
Rory Makes Cork Unknown
Ross Engineering Co. Wexford Unknown
Rural Island and Dispensing Doctors of Ireland Co. Mayo Unknown
Ryevale Pharmacy Co. Kildare Unknown
Sands Consultancy Co. Clare Unknown
Sean Hutchinson Construction Co. Waterford Unknown
Shepherd and Wedderburn Dublin 2 Unknown
Siobhan's Universal Fitness Co. Mayo Unknown
Skin Formulas Co. Tipperary Unknown
Small Steps Dublin 12 Unknown
Smart Marine Solutions Co. Clare Unknown
Somers First Aid Training Co. Carlow Unknown
Springmount Garage Co. Tipperary Unknown
Studio Mua Co Dublin Legal and Other Business Activities
Sunflower Cork Unknown
Swim Analysis Co. Laois Unknown
Symas Lashes, Hair & Beauty Co. Cork Unknown
T D Construction Co. Carlow Unknown
The Lash Luxe Dublin 12 Unknown
The Living Tradition Co. Clare Unknown
The Rooster Co. Clare Unknown
The Underwriting Exchange Ireland Dublin 2 Unknown
The Vegan Honey Pot Dublin 16 Unknown
Thornfield Construction and Maintenance Co. Mayo Unknown
Timeline Studios Co. Wicklow Unknown
Tipperary Centre For Environmental Learning Co. Tipperary Unknown
Top Auto Co Kerry Unknown
Tuscuint Consulting Co. Offaly Unknown
Under the Toadstool Co. Donegal Unknown
Vento Systems Co. Galway Unknown
Volcano Wings Co. Clare Unknown
W2p Global Co. Clare Unknown
Wd Electrical Co. Meath Unknown
Web Matters Co. Dublin Unknown
What's For Dinner Co. Galway Unknown
Wow Hair Extensions Co. Offaly Unknown
Yi World Co. Kildare Unknown

11th of June, 2019

A Touch of Healing By Mandy Co. Wicklow Unknown
Ansa Co. Cork Unknown
Ansa Permaculture Design Co. Cork Unknown
Araby Coffee House Co. Mayo Unknown
Arranmore Bistro Co. Donegal Unknown
Auto Fix Kilkenny Unknown
B.D. Furniture Co. Wexford Unknown
Balgriffin Taverns Dublin 17 Unknown
Boyne Dental & Implant Clinic Co. Meath Unknown
Boyne Dental Maynooth Co. Kildare Unknown
Braek-Thru School of Motoring Co. Monaghan Unknown
Brian Hennessy Plant Hire Kilkenny Unknown
Capital Psychotherapy Dublin 13 Unknown
Carrigaline Dental Co. Cork Unknown
Cartega Auto Service Cavan Unknown
Castle Suites Co. Cork Unknown
Cathal Lowry Co. Galway Unknown
Checkpoint Pizza Dublin 2 Unknown
Ciara's Curios Co. Meath Unknown
Claregalway Opticians Co. Galway Unknown
Dale Recruitment Consulting Dublin 7 Unknown
Dc Cremona Food Service Co. Dublin Unknown
Debs Accounting &Taxation Services Co. Dublin Unknown
Dublin Originals Co. Louth Unknown
Ecoonline Limerick Unknown
Elevate Marketing Co. Cork Unknown
Empire Barber Co. Donegal Unknown
Enitevh Technologies Europe Co. Roscommon Unknown
Eva's Beauty Room Galway Unknown
Express Fish & Chips Take Away Co. Dublin Unknown
Flamefitgym Co. Mayo Unknown
Flashbacks Photography Carlow Unknown
Foodland Limerick Unknown
Freefrom Symposium Dublin 22 Unknown
Fudo Dublin 7 Unknown
Fudo Izakaya Dublin 7 Unknown
Glendalough Clay Shooting Co. Wicklow Unknown
Grange Manor Bakery Co. Dublin Unknown
Guadalupe Blank Dublin 8 Unknown
H&I Partnership County Kildare Unknown
Hana Bencik Personal Training Dublin 2 Unknown
Handyman Services (Cgc) Cork Unknown
Home Made Fresh Daily Clonsilla Dublin 15 Unknown
Ingredients Butchers Co. Dublin Unknown
Ingredients Butchers Co. Wicklow Unknown
Inish Times Dublin 2 Unknown
Ireland Originals Co. Louth Unknown
Irish Tax Refunds Co. Meath Unknown
Istw Distribution Co. Kildare Unknown
It Expert Co. Kildare Unknown
J Moore Financial Co. Donegal Unknown
Jackkelly Ventures Co. Dublin Unknown
Jb Beauty Concept Galway Unknown
Jf Legal Professional Services Co. Meath Unknown
Jin Restaurant Dublin 1 Unknown
Jmc Plastering Co. Tipperary Unknown
John Lynch Co. Galway Unknown
Kcktrailers& Agri Co. Laois Unknown
Keane Gas & Heating Dublin 22 Unknown
Kennedy West Co. Tipperary Unknown
Keynote Piano Tuning Services Co. Kildare Unknown
Kildare Post Dublin 2 Unknown
Kilnaboy Kids Club Co. Clare Unknown
Kirin Court Limerick Unknown
Koko of Kinsale Co. Cork Unknown
Lighthouse It Waterford Unknown
Loftus Medical Centre Co. Roscommon Unknown
Lovefashion Co. Tipperary Unknown
MacMinn O' Reilly Mahon Waterford Unknown
Mad One's Tea Co. Tipperary Unknown
Mastercool Dublin 11 Unknown
McDermott Haulage Co. Mayo Unknown
Merrion Sciences Dublin 2 Unknown
Mhargadh Co. Meath Unknown
Mná Mná Films Co. Dublin Unknown
Mulhern & Co. Co. Kildare Unknown
New Wave Fitness Co. Dublin Unknown
No Plastic Fish Galway Unknown
Nugent-A Co. Cork Unknown
Nutty Delights Dublin 2 Unknown
O'Donovan Lavin Accountants, Tax & Business Advisors Limerick Unknown
O'Keeffe Bros Co. Cork Unknown
O'Mahony Donnelly Co. Cork Unknown
O'Reilly Doherty & Co. Dublin 11 Legal and Other Business Activities
Olympic Blinds Curtains and Shutters Co. Dublin Unknown
Payless Grocery & Meat Co. Donegal Unknown
Permaculture Design Co. Cork Unknown
Picture Frame Express Wicklow Unknown
Pro Photoart Co. Dublin Unknown
Resilence Plus Dublin Unknown
Rise To Success Coaching Co. Cork Unknown
River Media Dublin 2 Unknown
Rtec Co. Leitrim Unknown
Rua Sports Co. Offaly Unknown
Rwpublishing Co. Dublin Unknown
S-P Construction & Groundworks Co. Wicklow Unknown
Scott's Barbers Limerick Unknown
Shannon Side Contracting Co. Wexford Unknown
Slice Dublin 16 Unknown
Southside Gas Boilers Dublin 22 Unknown
Stanton Engineering Consultants Co.Galway, H91 P79h Unknown
Star Kitchen Co. Louth Unknown
Stoneybatter Guitar Dublin 7 Unknown
Stoneybatter Music Dublin 7 Unknown
Straywave Digital Dublin 4 Unknown
Take Me Home Co. Wicklow Unknown
Tan Addicts Co. Meath Unknown
Tenure Riding School & Stables Co. Louth Unknown
The Grove Co. Kerry Unknown
The Homeopathic Dispensary Co. Dublin Unknown
The Paw Pad Co. Kerry Unknown
The Wylde Co. Kerry Unknown
The Wylde Ballybunion Co.Kerry Unknown
Tir Na Nog Sports Co. Waterford Unknown
Tommy Delaney Fitness Co. Laois Unknown
Trad on the Prom Galway Unknown
Updigitally Co. Kildare Unknown
West Cork Wasabi Co. Cork Unknown
Wexford Wedding Photography Wexford Unknown
Wild Burren Cottages Co Clare Unknown
Wild Food Lab Co. Cork Unknown
Xt Creative Co. Kildare Unknown

10th of June, 2019

Aaron Lynch Photography Co. Cork Unknown
Abs Stoves Co. Laois Unknown
Aghards Summer Camp Co. Kildare Unknown
Ainara J.S. Embalming Services Co. Wexford Unknown
Alam Brothers Co. Wicklow Unknown
Alan Murnane Car Sales Co. Clare Unknown
Angelz Co. Galway Unknown
Arán Artisan Bakery Co. Offaly Unknown
Barry-Cunningham & Henderson Co. Monaghan Unknown
Bellaville Farm Co. Donegal Unknown
Black Tie Chauffeur Dublin 6w Unknown
Branded Cups Europe Co. Donegal Unknown
Cb Sports Recovery Co. Offaly Unknown
Cg Contracts Dublin 3 Unknown
Cherrywood After School Club Dublin 22 Unknown
Cleanwater Carlow Carlow Unknown
Coco'S Co. Carlow Unknown
Copykate Dublin 4 Unknown
Cullen Agri Contractors Co. Wexford Unknown
D6derma Dublin 6 Unknown
Deloughry & O'Gorman Kilkenny Unknown
Dermot Heaney Co. Meath Unknown
Derrykyle Arts & Crafts Co. Galway Unknown
Derrykyle Services Co. Galway Unknown
Dfw Builders Co. Limerick Unknown
Donegal Farm Machinery Co. Donegal Unknown
Donegal Skincare Co. Donegal Unknown
Dpok Design Dublin 18 Unknown
Dragon Inn Dublin 8 Unknown
Dublin Web Experts Co. Meath Unknown
Dw Auto-Valet Co. Tipperary Unknown
Dynasty Lofts (Ireland) Waterford Unknown
E.S. Building Contractors Wicklow Unknown
Elite Productions Co. Meath Unknown
Elite Tool & Die Co Clare Unknown
Emerald Groundscare Dublin 13 Unknown
Envirojet Co. Cavan Unknown
Family Adventure Tours Ireland Dublin 18 Unknown
Fbd Hotels & Resorts Dublin 24 Unknown
Finncro Excavations Co Kilkenny Unknown
First Lesson X Dublin 15 Unknown
Flynn's Fine Furniture Co Carlow Unknown
Foreign Beauty Co. Laois Unknown
Galway Site Design Co. Galway Unknown
Glen Gardening Services Co. Donegal Unknown
Green Packaging Co Limerick Unknown
Gs Interiors & Fabrications Co. Cork Unknown
Habesha Cafe and Restaurant Dublin 10 Unknown
Hair By Patricia Co. Cork Unknown
Hc Makeup & Skincare Co. Meath Unknown
Hickey Henderson & Co. Co. Monaghan Unknown
Hot Pilates Dublin Dublin 5 Unknown
House Details Co. Cork Unknown
Hpc Roofing and Insulation Centre Dublin 24 Unknown
Hydro Recycle Co. Kilkenny Unknown
Igor Castro Pain Relief Dublin 1 Unknown
Indian Ocean Restaurant Co. Tipperary Unknown
Indigo Gabbro Holistic Therapies Co Cork Unknown
J3l Learning Co. Dublin Unknown
Jk Counselling Services Co. Westmeath Unknown
John Walsh Co. Cork Unknown
Js Home Furnishings County Longford Unknown
Kerry Muscular Therapy Co. Kerry Unknown
Key Step Support Dublin 12 Unknown
Limerick Advertiser Co. Limerick Unknown
Little Ducklings Pre-School Co. Kerry Unknown
Lusso 1968 Dublin 6 Unknown
Mario's Home & Garden Co. Laois Unknown
Mb Fitness & Performance Co. Longford Unknown
Media Premiere Co. Mayo Unknown
Michael Cunneen & Sons Locksmith Cork Unknown
Munster Mobile Make-Up Artist Co. Cork Unknown
Murnane Plumbing Services Dublin 11 Unknown
Nude Co. Louth Unknown
O'Hara Carpentry & Construction Co. Laois Unknown
One For the Ladies Cork Unknown
Onpoint Solutions Co. Kildare Unknown
Ooh La La Nail Salon Co. Cork Unknown
Passion 4 Pizza Dublin 12 Unknown
Playworx Studios Co. Meath Unknown
Power Walsh Co. Tipperary Unknown
Ray Crowley Plumbing & Heating Co. Waterford Unknown
Rcr Business Services Co. Wicklow Unknown
Rooney Services Co. Louth Unknown
Safety Signs Dublin Dublin 10 Unknown
Safety Training Courses.Ie Co Dublin Unknown
Sherry Fitzgerald Conor McManus Monaghan Unknown
Sinead Hingston Photography Dublin 18 Unknown
Skara Stud Co. Meath Unknown
Slice Dublin 7 Unknown
Star Guide Worldwide Travel and Tourism Dublin 15 Unknown
Station Relaxation Co. Galway Unknown
Stewart Agri Co. Donegal Unknown
Stonehall Property Rental Co. Clare Unknown
Tagubaras Enterprises, Cups & Roses Co. Wexford Unknown
The Cake Cafe Dublin 8 Unknown
The Cammb Limited Partnership Co Dublin Unknown
The French Beauty Studio Limerick Unknown
The Irish Soda Bread Way Co. Mayo Unknown
The Retail Advisor Co. Mayo Unknown
The Shimmering Willow Co. Donegal Unknown
Theatre Breaks Co. Kildare Unknown
Tiger Consulting Co. Mayo Unknown
Trans Global and Cosmic Telecommunication Media and Technology Co Cork Unknown
Truly Musical Co. Wicklow Unknown
Unbroken Marketing Dublin 15 Unknown
Vanessa Ree Jewellery Design Co. Kildare Unknown
Walker 1781 Sligo Unknown
Weasel Party Hire Co. Kerry Unknown
West Coast Aqua Park Raheen Limerick Unknown
Weyogi Co. Dublin Unknown
Whistledale Co. Dublin Unknown
Yakai Dublin 6w Unknown
Éadaí Leanaí Co. Mayo Unknown

Just Appointed:
30 Liquidators Appointed
1 E8 Receiver Docs
2 Examiners Appointed
Upcoming Meetings of Creditors:
6 To Appoint A Liquidator
0 Notices To Creditors
0 Final Meetings
Court Orders & Petitions:
5 Petitions & Court Orders
Recent Judgments:
Recent Judgments
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Latest Changes:
249 Company Closures
347 New Companies
513 New Businesses
840 Company Status Changes
Strike Off and Struck Off Companies:
369 Strike Off Listed Companies
186 Struck Off Companies